There are currently countless ways to watch a movie at home, but many people still value the experience of going to the movies to watch movies on the big screens. Providing new experiences is the key to innovation.

These self-service kiosks can be used to buy tickets, retrieve tickets purchased online, and give customers extra time to browse through the menu and discover new products they would like to try (popcorn, drinks, etc.).

Um quiosque self-service no cinema pode não ajudar apenas a enfrentar esses desafios, mas também a oferecer benefícios significativos, como por exemplo a redução das filas de espera.

This self-service solution also allows your customers to view the available seating plan and choose their own place.

Advantages Cinemas
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Automated attendance

1. Choose the Movie

See the trailer, genre, rating, comments, schedules and prices, all in a simple and intuitive interface.

2. Select the seat

Choosing the right place has never been so simple.

3. Popcorn and drink?

Choose your menu now, in an organized and intuitive layout. Great for cross-selling

4. Payment

All types of payment available: money, credit card, Paypal, gift vouchers ...

Automated Attendence | Cinemas PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Main Advantages



Complete, fast and autonomous service, which reduces the long queues.

New Expiriences

New experiences

The customer privileges the new experiences of consumption and interactivity.



The customer finds everything in one place, with a single invoice. More organized and persuasive services.

Digital Communication

Digital Communication

Dynamic and more persuasive communication to the customer's attention, and reduces printing costs.



Automation of the internal logistics, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the service.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Centralized and automatic content management, with statistical data collection.

Queues Management

The QMAGINE queue management system provides a more organized and professional attendance. It allows a centralized managment of services, increases colaborator productivity and client satisfaction.

A solution that combines a tickets dispenser kiosk, manual or interactive, with a digital billboard or display.

The integration of QMAGINE LINE software allows a complete visual customization adapted to your cinema, with several functionalities.

  • Passage of information
  • Trailers
  • Voice Calls
  • SMS and WEB notifications
Queue Management

Video Wall

Power the communication!

A modular solution that combines several thin-frame displays that together form a large-format billboard.

Create your grid, some examples:

Video Wall

Video Wall | Cinemas PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Acess Control

Control and manage access to cinemas with high security kiosks.

Equipped with high security technology, they can be integrated with motion sensors, surveillance cameras and alarm, connected to the control panel. Colored led lights indicate whether access is granted or barred.

In addition to controlling access, the kiosk can still be equipped with QSS functions, for selecting and paying tickets at the time of entry.

Acess Control

Digital signage

Digital signage provides dynamic and interactive solutions that fit the context of each cinema. It can be used to support commercial communication or for information / entertainment of visitors.

The best way to capture customers attention

This excellent medium of communication captures the attention of the clients and can transmit information always updated of posters, schedules, the next releases and presentation of trailers.

The applications are endless

The possibility to colect statistic data and personalize the layout and design are some of the available functionalities

Digital poster

Dynamic and modern presentation of films.

The posters in digital format allow the presentation of trailers, updated times, ticket value and other information.

They can be synchronized with the queue management system, with remote and instant updates, which reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and modernize customer service.

Cartaz digital | Cinemas PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

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