Interactive and digital solutions for Citizens' Bureau


Modernization of the Citizen’s Bureau

With the expansion of the Citizen’s Bureau network, and taking into account the growing investment in digital transformation, there is the need to implement systems and services that ensure an interactive and quality service.

Therefore, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a wide range of technological equipment for Municipalities that are considering opening their Citizen’s Bureau, having in mind the ease of interaction between citizens and the State, in the most diverse services.

The major objective of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is, therefore, to provide high quality customized solutions in constant proximity to the needs of the Citizens' Bureau.

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Interactive and digital solutions for Citizens' Bureau - Paper by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Digitization and technological equipment

There are several types of technological infrastructures that support the Citizens' Bureau.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can be an asset in the digital transformation of public services, providing self-service equipment, software, basic equipment such as furniture and Digital Signage, communication equipment and equipment related to customer service, increasingly omnichannel.

Digitization and technological equipment | Citizen's Bureau

Queue Management Systems

Queues can be frustrating for people, which is not appropriate for a Citizen’s Bureau.

The solution is the use of queue management and optimization systems. The main objectives of attendance management are to organize the queues in such a way as to improve the quality of the service provided, the efficiency of the service and the image of the space.

Digital Renewal

Citizen’s Bureau can resort to the services of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS for the implementation of complete Digital Signage solutions for the transmission of pertinent information to their clients and visitors.

These solutions may include ticket dispenser kiosks for queue management, Digital Signage displays for content display, digital billboards, interactive kiosks, etc.

Digital Renewal | Citizen's Bureau

Evaluation Systems

The Evaluation/ Satisfaction System, through the use of emojis, allows clients and users to evaluate the performance of the service provided in the Citizen’s Bureau.

This system is an added value, as it is possible to transform citizens’ feedback into continuous improvements.

Dynamism in the promotion of digital content

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS displays, besides being equipment for the creation and management of multimedia contents (images, videos), can also integrate interactive digital technology.

This functionality allows an interactive usability experience, which enhances the experience in a Citizen's Bureau.

Dynamism in the promotion of digital content 1
Dynamism in the promotion of digital content 2
Dynamism in the promotion of digital content 3

The QMAGINE SIGN software allows to capture the attention of the target audience with engaging images, highlight a product in promotion, provide the citizen the possibility to consult important information regarding the various services of the establishment.

ClusterWall: The interactive hub for digital and multimedia content

ClusterWall is an interactive platform that allows the creation, management and optimization of customized contents, in an easy and intuitive way.

This interactive software developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has different functionalities and is ideal for Citizen’s Bureau, namely for transmitting information, registering visits and managing access.

ClusterWall: The interactive hub for digital and multimedia content | Citizen's Bureau

ClusterWall Edital

ClusterWall Edital is an interactive platform produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, which replaces the current edicts or informative notices on paper, revolutionizing the way Citizen’s Bureau communicate.

ClusterWall Edital can be integrated in different digital supports, such as multimedia kiosks, digital billboards, interactive tables, touch screens, among others.

This is a solution that performs the temporal management of documents in a programmed way, complying with legal requirements and, thus, contributing to the dematerialization of information.

ClusterWall Edital | Citizen's Bureau


Casharmour is an automatic cash payment system that automates all cash management processes, quickly and efficiently simplifying its handling.

With a modern design that fits any space, Casharmour allows to receive and optimize the return of change, in an efficient and safe way. Consequently, accounts will always be accounted for and managed without any kind of difficulty.

Payment of invoices

Casharmour, being an asset to any space, is also an important tool for citizens, who can use it to pay bills at the Citizen’s Bureau.

This way, when customers use Casharmour, they only have to enter the invoice number. The Casharmour software will then integrate with the Citizen Bureau software, so that the amount is verified and displayed to the customer, who can then make the payment.

Payment of invoices | Citizen's Bureau

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