João Guedes - Marketing Manager of NOSSO Shopping - CBRE

João Guedes

Marketing Manager of NOSSO Shopping - CBRE

João Guedes is passionate about the marketing area and the technological area. He doesn't like waiting for things to happen, but he likes to make it happen.

Currently he is Marketing Manager of Nosso Shopping in Vila Real, which is a reference area of ​​the region for shopping and leisure. This shopping center was remodeled last year and now has a new restaurant square, new shops and a new playground.

Know this bet on innovation.

1. What was the need of NOSSO Shopping ? What solution did you look for ?

The need that Nosso Shopping had, was to modernize the outdated old-fashioned directories we had. The solution we seek in the market was a technologically advanced solution that was not simply a directory but that contains more information about the mall and also about the stores.

João Guedes - Marketing Manager of NOSSO Shopping - CBRE

2. Why did you choose the solutions and digital billboards from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ?

We did a market consultation and PARTTEAM&OEMKIOSKS was the company that presented us with the best solution, the most appropriate solution that we needed and also a solution that at the same time was versatile, adapting to the needs that were appearing during the project.

João Guedes - Marketing Manager of NOSSO Shopping - CBRE

3. What were the results and social impact achieved with this project?

This technology is a very versatile technology that allows us to be updated and thus allowing our customers to have information always updated and therefore we obtained a better satisfaction of our customers and at the same time is a solution that is integrated in what are our services of excellence.

João Guedes - Marketing Manager of NOSSO Shopping - CBRE

4. What was the contribution of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS to this innovative project?

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS proved throughout this process, this whole project, a company capable of meeting the most demanding needs of the customer and have technology behind that supported what we needed to at every moment and we are always in talks to improve this technology.

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