Márcio Miranda - Digital Marketing Manager

Márcio Miranda

Digital Marketing Manager at Delta Q

Márcio Miranda, a Digital Marketing Professional is today one of the special guests at Connecting Stories from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

Digital Marketing has been part of its daily life for over 10 years, has already integrated Mundicenter's central marketing division, implemented its marketing plan in the brand's 7 shopping centers and is currently part of Delta Q digital team.

Get to know a bit more about Márcio Miranda.

1. Digital Marketing has been part of your day-to-day business for more than ten years. Tell us a little about your career until you joined the Delta Q digital team.

Things were happening in a natural way.

Digital “entered” my life in 2010 through content. I was a marketing assistant at Grupo Rumos and digital was beginning to play an important role in brand communication. The website was a channel for publicizing the educational offer and my job was to update the content through CMS (backoffice).

Without "wanting", I had my first contact with SEO.

Márcio Miranda - Digital Marketing Manager

Before arriving at Grupo Nabeiro I was Digital Account Manager at Arena Media and Digital Marketing Manager at Mundicenter. I confess that I consider it a great value to move through an agency, because it allows us to develop a very clear strategy and planning skills, as well as to give a 360 view of the digital ecosystem as a result of the various projects that are worked out by the various clients.

At the same time, and because I really like the pratical side, I develop projects as a freelancer for SMEs, I am a FLAG graduate and I am a guest professor at the ISVOUGA Online Advertising Chair.

2. You recently joined the marketing team of Delta Q. What are the main challenges you face in your daily life as a member of a brand that presents itself as a leader in the national market?

The Nabeiro Group is in fact an odd company. Innovation is in their DNA.

Whether we are talking about the development of new products and services, such as the latest eQo launch, the first 100% biodegradable capsule, and the development of a new ecommerce portal based on Business Intelligence systems that will allow us to generate a better user experience while browsing our online store, converting physical processes into fully digital processes, guaranteeing an experience of omnicanal use in the various touchpoints that have with the brand.

The main focus of my function is based on 4 vectors: digital strategy, performance & media, analytics and ecommerce.

Márcio Miranda - Digital Marketing Manager

Together with the team, we seek to respond to the moments of communication of the brands, and communication among the various interlocutors is a crucial element in the success of the strategies to be implemented.

Another relevant point is the need to work on tools that allow us to be Data Driven Oriented in choosing the best tactics to implement. Finally a good management of processes and procedures in the task pipeline are also also an important point on a day to day.

3. The book "Digital Marketing & E-Commerce", in which you participated as a co-author, is great for beginners in Digital Marketing. What are the 3 main tips you have for anyone who wants to start a career in this field?

It was a great privilege to participate in this project. The book has a very interesting peculiarity, in addition to the excellent professionals who were co-authors: It is very oriented to online advertising, where the reader can acquire tools and have tips that can be implemented in your business to start generating results.

The main tips for those who want to get started in Digital Marketing: More than reading and getting information, is for them to get their hands dirty without fear of making mistakes, explore all areas of digital for an integrated vision and then focus on the area where they can generate the same value and are consistent. I think that's a good starting point.

More than reading and getting information, is for them to get their hands dirty without fear of making mistakes ...

4. We know that the automotive industry is an area in which you have great interest. What are the advantages of the correlation between the technological sector and this market?

Yes, I am very passionate about the automotive universe and I believe that it is one of the most growing business areas in this new technological ecosystem.

Urban mobility, shared economy, electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity via 5G that will make everything much faster in the sharing of information between cars and purchases 100% online, are themes that are the order of the day and that deserve the attention of the brands to accompany this technological transformation that the sector is living.

To this is added a generation of new consumers who look at the car in a completely different way from what our parents looked at.

Márcio Miranda - Digital Marketing Manager

The sense of ownership is deprecated by the flexibility making the brands almost a service provider. Imagine a Netflix system applied to the automotive sector?

New perspectives / opportunity like this, make brands have to reinvent themselves in the way they present their products to the market and essentially how they communicate them with regard to their value proposition.

Here, technology is undoubtedly the line that unites these points. A simple facelift in the model is no longer sufficient, it is rather the creation of truly disruptive proposals that allow the consumer to have real experiences on board. I have for myself that automobiles will be a kind of mobile phone with wheels. TESLA is a good example of what I'm saying.

I have for myself that automobiles will be a kind of mobile phone with wheels.

5. You were a speaker at Social Media Hackathon, an event about Social Media and Digital Marketing. As a speaker of this event, and since you have been training in the same area since 2011, what do you consider are key aspects in building bonds with the audience, so as to contribute to interpersonal relationships, promoting joint enrichment?

It was the first time I was an orator at an event, so it's easy to imagine all the whirlwind of emotions I felt, seconds before stepping on stage.

I want to congratulate the SWONKIE team, the organizer, and in particular to my friend João Cortinhas:

To gather more than 400 people in Vila Nova de Famalicão to talk about digital marketing is indeed remarkable.

Márcio Miranda - Digital Marketing Manager

Be authentic, genuine, close and always available to people. I do not know if they are the key aspects, but they are the ones that characterize me. I believe that in this digital area, it is also important to be "not afraid" of sharing results, within what can be shared clearly, and demonstrate how things really were, the problems you had, the solutions you implemented and the lessons you took away for future applications. This is what generates value and growth together in my view.

6. Knowing that PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers several technological solutions (digital billboards, multimedia kiosks for interior and exterior, self-service equipment, displays, software, etc.), which are of major interest to Delta Q? What is your opinion about PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS?

I confess that I contacted PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS for the first time in Social Media Hackathon.

I believe that all technological solutions that allow for a good consumer experience and the brand must be evaluated and adapted according to the strategic and business objectives of each company.

However, a 19-year-old marketplace, a portfolio of products and services that offer integrated technology solutions as well as designs developed for some of the world's leading brands are an excellent business card, and they certainly make PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS a brands in their marketing plans or digital activations.

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