Nuno Pereira - CEO of blink-iT Solutions and ClubTek Portugal

Nuno Pereira

CEO of blink-iT Solutions and ClubTek Portugal

Nuno Pereira is CEO of blink-iT Solutions, a business consulting company, and ClubTek Portugal, an online technology store. In addition, he was a guest professor at ISCAP, in the post-graduation in Integrated Management Systems.

Previously, he worked as a consultant and project manager for several companies in the management software area.

With a degree in Management Informatics from Universidade Portucalense, Nuno Pereira is one of the special guests at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Connecting Stories.

1. As CEO of two companies, can you tell us a bit about your journey and your professional experience?

Being CEO was not a life goal nor was it premeditated. In both situations (at blink-iT and ClubTek), it was an opportunity that emerged and which I decided to seize with confidence, but cautiously.

My career path is the same as many others, perhaps with a little more dedication and ambition, which ended up benefiting me in the face of the opportunities that emerged.

My area of training is a mix of informatics/technology and management, having graduated in 2005, in Management Informatics, at Universidade Portucalense, Porto – Portugal. This was followed by some more technical and specialty courses in different areas.

I have always tried to develop my knowledge and give my all in every project I get involved in, personal or professional.

I keep an open mind, trying to innovate, do different, but also being aware of the social reality and ready to help whenever possible.

Nuno Pereira - CEO of blink-iT Solutions and ClubTek Portugal - Connecting Stories PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

2. What are the main services and methodologies of blink-iT and how do they contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the business universe that seeks you?

The blink-iT Solutions is a consulting company focused on management software and productivity and collaboration applications, but it is above all a company of passionate people working for/with people, with the goal of growing their companies and making them more efficient and productive. We use our knowledge, our dedication and the Microsoft tools we specialize in to help these companies.

The experts in the business are our customers. We work to help them in their organization, to improve their business processes, to support their decisions with data to grow in a sustained and faster way, not only when they come to us to implement a new system, but also in the support and continuous improvement.

As Microsoft partners, we use the methodologies recommended by this entity to accomplish our work and be more efficient, but we know that our flexibility and ability to adapt to the reality of our customers is a factor that distinguishes us and makes us go further.

3. You are also the CEO of ClubTek Portugal. What is this project and what is its objective?

ClubTek Portugal is a site for selling technology products where, more important than the products and price, are the customers. This is our goal: give confidence, deliver quickly and build customer loyalty. This last objective is not exactly an easy task in the area where we operate.

4. The business area is a stimulating one, which demands an enormous technical and creative capacity, in order to solve the countless challenges that are faced daily. What are these challenges and how do you overcome them?

The challenges are many and daily. We must not avoid them, but face them and overcome them.

The key is effective planning and organization. Of course, with the variety of challenges we face daily, and the speed and “urgency” with which they are presented to us, agility is key.

5. How are all these responsibilities managed? Is there a secret?

There are no secrets, only dedication and transparency.

6. As CEO, how do you see entrepreneurship today?

Accepting challenges makes us lose our fear. Problems make us look for solutions and mistakes make us learn and want more and better. To me, this is entrepreneurship, and you can never do too much, as long as you do it in an honest and in a transparent way.

Entrepreneurship is beneficial to society and to the economy both in Portugal and in any other country in the world.

7. And in Portugal? Do you consider entrepreneurship beneficial to society and the economy?

I believe that entrepreneurship is beneficial to society and to the economy both in Portugal and in any other country in the world. It generates employment for so many and opens opportunities for so many others.

I just don't consider Portugal (the economic and fiscal policies) so beneficial for entrepreneurship. Work has been done in that direction, but we need more agility, more speed and more assurance at all levels.

Nuno Pereira - CEO of blink-iT Solutions and ClubTek Portugal - Connecting Stories PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

It is important to realize that once you have started, you can't stop, and to remain competitive, both nationally and internationally, you have to adapt quickly to new realities.

8. Organizations and companies increasingly need to reinvent their organizations' processes and systems through digital transformation to keep up with market developments. Do you believe that there is already a general notion of this reality?

Now that some companies have been forced to reorganize themselves to overcome this pandemic, they are all aware of this reality and its importance.

It is up to us to support these companies to find the best solutions and not let them stop at a time when the need is not so evident. Therefore, it is necessary that they remain modernized, productive and contributing to a greater comfort for their people and the environment in general.

Digital gives us an enormous capacity to adjust to the current reality.

9. Being PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS a leader in the development and export of digital billboards and multimedia kiosks to the international market, what relevance does digital have, in your opinion, in the strategy of a company and/or brand?

We are a company that, since day 0, has adopted a 99% digital marketing strategy. We have no doubt of its importance and we recognize the return it is currently giving us. It's a job that doesn't bring immediate results, but rewards us every day.

Digital gives us an enormous capacity to adjust to the current reality, the surrounding market or a strategic change in the company, for example, as well as to communicate to millions of people at a time. That's brutal.

In my opinion, the Internet is increasingly individualized, that is, consumed by each person on his or her own. For a better society we must promote socialization between people and I see digital billboards as a way to do this. In this aspect, I consider the path of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS innovative.

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