Pedro Alves - CEO of Altyra Solutions

Pedro Alves

CEO of Altyra Solutions

Pedro Alves is currently CEO of Altyra Solutions, a company that aims to meet the growing demand for custom software development solutions.

Previously, he worked as CTO at Altyra Solutions; development project manager and, later, IT manager at Motorpress Lisboa; developer at AXA and Motorpress Lisboa; and professional trainer at Deltafor – Novabase.

With a degree in Business Administration and Management, Pedro Alves is one of the special guests at Connecting Stories of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

1. You are CEO of Altyra Solutions. Can you tell us a bit about your journey and professional experience?

Academically, I followed the Business Management area, but the attraction for IT was stronger. With the arrival of the year 2K, I entered the world of technology until today.

I started my career as a programmer and trainer until I became an IT director in a multinational publishing company.

Pedro Alves - CEO of Altyra Solutions - Connecting Stories PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

With the closing of business in Portugal, I decided to combine my academic know-how with the experience of about 20 years to form Altyra Solutions, where I currently hold the position of CEO.

2. How did the opportunity to be CEO of Altyra Solutions come along?

The opportunity came with the departure of two partners of the company, and I ended up assuming the management of all business areas.

3. When and how did the passion for technology start?

My passion for technology started very early, when as a teenager I had my first contact with spectrum computers. Although they are mostly used to play games, I have always been curious to create my own software.

4. As CEO, what challenges have you found over time?

The IT area is very dynamic, both in terms of projects and technology evolution. This implies a very challenging team management, either by the fast organic adaptation to the different work needs, or by the constant training of resources to meet the permanent updates that the sector requires.

5. What are the main business areas of Altyra Solutions?

Altyra Solutions develops technological solutions customized for its clients, such as on-premises, Cloud or hybrid solutions.

Pedro Alves - CEO of Altyra Solutions - Connecting Stories PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

We act in a transversal way in all sectors, be it public or private, since the solutions we provide are always created from scratch for the client's needs.

6. What distinguishes this company from others in the same area?

Our relationship with the client is very close, because only in this way can we feel and experience their challenges.

Whenever we embrace a new project, we experience it as if we were the client himself. With an internal vision of the processes, we can find effective solutions that meet the real needs of those who seek us.

The success of organizations depends on the quality of human resources and the way they are led.

7. How has the company's evolution been?

The company has had sustainable growth through new clients, as well as new projects in current clients.

8. In your opinion, what is the basis for excellence management?

The success of organizations depends on the quality of human resources and the way they are led. In order to achieve levels of excellence, we must expose these two variables. The basis of this management must be based on an evolution in the monetary valuation of resources, respect for leaders by their team members and the involvement of people in the objectives and mission of the company, delegating responsibilities based on the proactivity of employees.

This way, organizations are able to have motivated and autonomous teams for quick and assertive decision making, allowing an adequate response to the competitiveness and evolution of the market.

Pedro Alves - CEO of Altyra Solutions - Connecting Stories PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

9. What projects are you currently working on? Can we say that the future is technological?

We have projects in different sectors, such as the digitalization of processes in the livestock area, the improvement of services in the public sector, the efficiency of workflows in retail and the computerization of process management in the area of social responsibility.

We can say that the present is technological. Nowadays, we can no longer dissociate companies from the technological component. While in the past this was a differentiating element, in the future it will be vital.

Technology can and should be one of the pillars of our international economy.

10. As CEO, and being PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS leader in the development and export of digital billboards and multimedia kiosks to the international market, what relevance does technology have, in your opinion, in the strategy and internationalization of a company?

In the case of Portugal, we do not have a dimension that allows us to have economies of scale at the production level to be internationally competitive. However, we have other areas that fit perfectly in our culture and that require differentiation and quality, as is the case with technology.

For this reason, technology can and should be one of the pillars of our international economy.

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