Digital Interactive Mirror

Digital Interactive Mirror

Digital fitting room

The Interactive Mirror is a system for recommending and cross selling retail store products.

It uses RFID technology and a touch screen integrated with a mirror to enhance the shopper or gallery shopping experience.

Customers, along with their reflections, see images of the products they have purchased, detailed information and recommendations from other articles.

Digital Interactive Mirror by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS
Digital Interactive Mirror
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    Cross / Up selling
    Offer identical product sugestions to what the customer is looking for.

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    Cloth perspective
    Show every perspective of the cloth.

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    Product details
    See product details.
    E.g.: Color, materials, price, etc..

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    Mirror to try out the desired products.


Simple and Incomparable

Offer your customers an experience that
will help in their choise decision.

How it works?

1. The customer chooses an item he find interesting.

2. Approach the product close to the Interactive Mirror and the RFID subsystem detects it.

3. The Interactive Mirror screen shows customer reflection and product images, along with information such as available colors and sizes, composition, price and others. The customer also receives product and accessory recommendations.

4. With the Interactive Mirror touch screen, the customer can browse other products, ask an employee to bring a product, among others.

Digital Interactive Mirror

Interactive Mirror Advantages

Digital Interactive Mirror - Sales Increase

Sales Increase

Digital Interactive Mirror - Increased Conversion Rate

Increased Conversion Rate

Digital Interactive Mirror - Increased Cross Selling

Increased Cross Selling

Digital Interactive Mirror - Better Consumer Experience

Better Consumer Experience

Digital Interactive Mirror - Give Recommendations

Give Recommendations

Digital Interactive Mirror - Publicity Space

Publicity Space

Digital Interactive Mirror - Information Management

Information Management

Digital Interactive Mirror - Remotely Updated

Remotely Updated


Customers make no distinction between online stores, physical stores or external e-commerce platforms; customers just want to buy!

Synchronization across all selling platforms, both online and instore, makes the offer more consistent.

It starts by creating a stock overview and ends up offering highly personalized and attentive service.

Digital Interactive Mirror
Digital Interactive Mirror - Omni-Channel

High quality service helps with buying decisions!

Remotely updated

The Interactive Mirror content and user interface can be easily and remotely updated via the Interactive Mirror cloud-based software.

Every event is logged and stored in the cloud. This information can be analyzed to optimize your business:

  • Number of users using the Interactive Mirror;
  • Products that customers bring to the Interactive Mirror;
  • Recommended products compared to the ones the client selected;
  • Products that customers request to be brought by an assistant.
Digital Interactive Mirror - Remotely Updated

Ask for assistance without leaving the dressing room!

For many customers, having to go out of the fitting room to fetch another article or other size is enough to lose interest in the purchase.

With the Interactive Mirror, you have the ability to call for a shop assistant, order a new article or even a different size.

Digital Interactive Mirror

Ask for assistance to make your decision!

Digital Interactive Mirror

Recieve assistance from an employee!

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling suggestions

Through the Interactive Mirror store assistantes quickly leverage up and cross selling opportunities, with modern communication methods with customers. The Interactive Mirror increases the loyalty of your business, especially with the younger audience, since it's an application aimed at the generation of smartphones.

Interactive Mirror offers numerous advantages, such as consulting frequently tested but rarely purchased items, knowing customer preferences, increasing accuracy in suggested products and optimizing merchandise, all of this done in real time.

Digital Interactive Mirror - Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

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