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KEBA - Electric Charges

KEBA - Electric Charges

Electric vehicle chargers: the present and future of mobility

KeContact P30 is already the third generation of wallboxes from KEBA that offers new application possibilities thanks to state-of-the-art communication standards and features.

The intelligents power charging stations are equipped with countless features and communication standards. So you can not only charge, but also control and communicate.

KeContact P30 becomes a communication center for intelligently controlled charging due to integration into smart home or backend systems, the linking of photovoltaic systems or the options for billing. It fulfills all the requirements of electromobility - not only for today, but also in the future.

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KEBA - Electric Charges
KEBA - Electric Charges


KEBA e-series - Electric Charges


The entry-level model with a charging output of up to 4.6 kW for simple charging.

KEBA b-series - Electric Charges


Charges with an output of up to 22 kW with optional user authorization.

KEBA c-series - Electric Charges


The online wallbox with numerous interfaces and MID certified meter.

KEBA x-series - Electric Charges


The communication center with GSM interface for charging in online mode and intelligent load management.


KEBA - Electric Charges - Quality


All KEBA products meet our high quality demands. These products are manufactured exclusively at KEBA's production facility in Linz, Austria, and continously integrate numerous features for more safety and availability in our products.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Availability


KEBA does everything possible so that your wallbox is always available and your electric car is always fully-charged. This is achieved thanks to a combination of unique features, for example temperature derating or the auto recovery function. KeContact P30 also includes DC leakage detection, which eliminates the need for an expensive upstream RCD type B.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Safety


The integrated multirating device (current, voltage and energy) increases not only the availability of the charging station but also its safety. The separated connection area ensures additional safety when commissioning and during running operation.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Simplicity


With our "easy to use" claim, KEBA is always orientated to the requirements of all users. KeContact P30 therefore impresses with an easy one-person installation, guided commissioning for supporting the initial system check and zero-touch operation. It is as simple as that.

Charge connectors

KEBA - Electric Charges - Type 1 with Fixed Cable

Type 1 with fixed cable

Primarily for Japanese and American vehicles.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Type 2

Type 2

Suitable for all electric vehicles with the corresponding charging cable.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Type 2 with Fixed Cable

Type 2 with fixed cable

Primarily for European vehicles.

KEBA - Electric Charges - Type 2 with Shutter

Type 2 with shutter

Specially for France and Italy.

Communication interfaces

USB for firmware updates or log file downloads without a PC or notebook;

Ethernet RJ45 for firmware updates or log file downloads via PC or notebook;

Ethernet LSA+ for connecting external meters via Modbus TCP and for a permanent communication connection to OCPP backend, smart home server or other KeContact P30;

GSM for the connection to OCPP central systems;

WLAN for an easy access to the configuration and for the wireless integration of wallboxes in an existing network.


CE Label;

UL Certification;

Nissan EV-Ready;

Renault Z.E. Ready 1.4D;

OCPP 1.5.

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KEBA - Electric Charges

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