A Minha Farmácia uses QMAGINE queue management system

A Minha Farmácia, in Barcelos, invested in PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS services to optimize and requalify their service management and queues with a complete QMAGINE solution.

The project, developed in partnership with FARMA+, included the installation of a 17” GALLA ticket dispenser kiosk and two 43” monitors to display content and provide information about the tickets.

Given the high standard of service required by citizens today, it is normal to seek solutions that ensure a faster, more organized, effective, agile and welcoming service.

In this sense, what distinguishes this from other projects is that the QMAGINE system allows the configuration of the priority service for better service management.

A Minha Farmácia uses QMAGINE queue management system

With powerful and effective tools, QMAGINE by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS queue management and service systems have several benefits:

  • More efficient service;
  • Reduction of waiting time;
  • Optimization of service quality;
  • Exceptional customer relationship management;
  • Improving the customer experience;
  • Collection of statistical data;
  • Service management and organization;
  • Staff productivity optimization;
  • Reduction of the dropout rate;
  • Better organizational image.
A Minha Farmácia uses QMAGINE queue management system

Ticket dispenser kiosks allow, therefore, a personalized customer service and a productivity gain in the service provided. QMAGINE systems, in turn, ensure a better organization of services, optimize service processes and end with the traditional queues, which translates into greater comfort in service, both for customers and employees.

QMAGINE is a brand of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS especially focused on the optimization and innovation of service management and queues. Each project is studied in detail and customized to the needs of each client.

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