ClusterWall: Visitor and access management system

For companies and organizations that have had to adapt and update the way they welcome customers and visitors, there are challenges that must be overcome for this to be a positive transition and upgrade.

ClusterWall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is the ideal platform for visit registration and access management, as it gathers all the necessary information from your company's visitors to help you organize and prepare your visits. Besides allowing you to schedule visits, it also allows you to manage and optimize the visit experience, in an easy and simple way.

ClusterWall: Visitor and access management system

Visitor management system

As soon as the visitor tells the company that he wants to make a visit, an email is sent to him with a link to pre-register and schedule the visit with the ClusterWall software. In fact, there are several benefits to be gained by opting for a visit management solution:

  • Visits dashboard;
  • Visitor card;
  • Video Calls;
  • Notifications;
  • Pre-registration, Check-in and Check-out;
  • System for loads and unloads.

Entry and exit logs

The use of multimedia kiosks combined with the ClusterWall software allows you to access a resource to register the ins and outs of your company's employees. With this resource, the management of employee entries and exits is facilitated, since it aggregates all this information in a single platform.

ClusterWall: Visitor and access management system

Transportation of loads and unloads

This ClusterWall functionality also works for the management of incoming and outgoing transports for loading and unloading, through a personalized check-in for the identification of transports with the name of the transport company and the vehicle license plate.

The transport drivers can also receive an email or message with the information of the loading dock they should go to.

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ClusterWall: Visitor and access management system
Visitor & Access management system

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