Connect pharmacies and patients through video calls with ClusterWall

ClusterWall aims to improve communication between pharmacies and patients by being able to share messages, news, updates, notices, events, announcements, promotions.

One of the main features of this platform is the possibility to make video calls, which is especially useful for pharmacies, given the growing need to provide remote medical appointments.

Given the fact that the use of technologies that support remote video call consultations is increasing ClusterWall is an essential platform for pharmacists to be able to respond to users in a practical and effective way.

Connect pharmacies and patients through video calls with ClusterWall

With reduced travel requirements and scheduling flexibility, video calls through ClusterWall allow users to conveniently perform a number of actions, such as the following:

  1. Remote consultation through video call, which can be on-site, i.e. at the pharmacy's multimedia kiosk;
  2. Remote medical appointment at the place the user wants, taking into account that, by reading the QR Code (which can be in the pharmacy window, in the pharmacy's social media or inside the establishment itself), he can make the video call whenever and wherever he wants;
  3. Medical appointment by video call at home, where the user simply saves the QR Code and accesses the ClusterWall when he/she wants to be attended.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers, through ClusterWall, a care system that allows access to video calls within established clinical workflows.

As remote consultations become more common, pharmacists must consider best working practices.

Connect pharmacies and patients through video calls with ClusterWall

ClusterWall not only enables remote consultation through video calls (at any time of the day), but also allows for prescription filling and order medication.

This way, and through video call, you can have access to all the products and medicines available in your usual pharmacy, just a click away.

So, there are several advantages that can be listed:

  1. Access to health service (pharmacies) 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  2. Reduced need for travel;
  3. Social distance;
  4. Convenience and efficiency;
  5. Easy access system;
  6. Flexibility of scheduling.

Providing health care when and where users need it is the major goal of ClusterWall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

ClusterWall VideoCalls by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

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