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Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables

Óptica da Boavista is a network of excellence optics, recognized for the quality of its products but also for the high level of service it provides to its customers. In order to maintain this progress in the quality of its services, Óptica da Boavista has found at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS an interactive solution to improve customer service and optimize the tasks of its employees.

Six interactive tables with 43” screens were produced. These interactive desks are custom made and can be customized to the smallest detail.

They are an excellent example of design where functionality and art merge, thus giving rise to a unique product and a highly capable work tool.

Interactive Tables feature cloud-based interactive content management software. The system allows the creation of users and assigns these different levels of permissions in the control actions, thus defining who can create, edit or delete content at various tables. Layout management is reserved for users who have administrator privileges.

Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables

The advantages of this interactive table are:

  • Presentation and dissemination of contents in various tables;
  • Production of initial contents for system startup;
  • Contents may differ at each table;
  • Content developed in vertical / horizontal format;
  • Communication help channel;
  • Content management and insertion backoffice;
  • User Management.

Good design comes from the balance between appearance and functionality. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS produces interactive solutions with high quality hardware and great customization capabilities, thus meeting any need.

Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables

Some photos:

Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables
Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables
Óptica da Boavista: Custom Digital Tables

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