Digital Billboard PLASMV present in the event Green Fest

The interactive solutions of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, were present at the Green Fest event in Braga through a Digital Billboard.

The Green Fest is the biggest sustainability event in the country where it is celebrated, what is best done on the topics: environmental, social, economic and cultural. A platform for sharing ideas and experiences, addressing current trends and contributing to greater visibility of projects and initiatives of companies, institutions and citizens who care about the future.

Sustainable development is an integral part of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS 'business strategy. As such, for this event was installed the model PLASMV, an interactive digital billboard, fundamental for the presentation of relevant information to who participated in the event.

The software installed in the kiosk was the QMAGINE SIGN, with the main objective of transmitting information with exceptional performance, which provides an unforgettable experience for users.

Digital Billboard PLASMV present in the event Green Fest

With QMAGINE SIGN you can:

  • Adapt to the context and audience whenever necessary;
  • Collection of statistical data;
  • Customization of layout and design;
  • Simple to use and fast to update in real time;
  • Dynamic and interactive dissemination of digital content;
  • Centralized content management.

With QMAGINE SIGN software, you can create powerful, dynamic, audio-visual and interactive communication solutions tailored to your needs and customer objectives.

Digital Billboard plasmv present in the event green fest


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