Digital Signage in Avila Spaces

Partner of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, the Avila Spaces group decided to transform the experience of their space by incorporating the Digital Signage of QMAGINE.

Avila Spaces is recognized as a networking center that offers office space, coworking, virtual offices and a fantastic business lounge for businesses and individuals who do not need a fixed office.

It is the most awarded space in Portugal and a success story in the European Commission, 2016, Avila Spaces already has more than 1000 companies that enjoy their spaces.

For this project, three displays were developed, with integrated QMAGINE SIGN software, with the main objective of being the transmission of information and different contents of Avila Spaces.

QMAGINE SIGN is a way to communicate and at the same time create creative and innovative experiences, the use of corporate TV's makes communication more active and dynamic.

Digital Signage in Avila Spaces

The benefits you can get by opting for a Digital Signage solution:

  • Centralized content management;
  • Dynamic and interactive dissemination of digital content;
  • Easy adaptation to the context of the audience;
  • Collection of statistical data;
  • Simple and fast to update in real time;

QMAGINE displays can be customized with different configurations depending on the customer's needs. Return on investment by choosing a solution with it can be fast and long lasting, and most importantly it increases the quality of services and facilitates processes.

Know more about the history of Avila Spaces and their CEO and Founder, Carlos Gonçalves. Know more, click here.
Digital Signage in Avila Spaces
Digital Signage in Avila Spaces
Digital Signage in Avila Spaces
Digital Signage in Avila Spaces

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