Digital Tourist Information Point in France

The point of tourist information and French tourist service is now more digital and technological with multimedia kiosks and digital billboards of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS. To the top of a hill, it is there that most of the visitors and tourists of Normandie in France.

Through the 46 "digital billboard ADEYO and the 46" interactive table ZYTAB , the La Roche d'Oetre tourism space has opted for PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS technology to modernize the space and at the same time, transmit tourist information to its visitors in a more interactive and dynamic way.

In addition to the information query, the visitor through the interactive table ZYTAB can customize and send postcards from the Normandie Hills to friends, family, etc

An interesting tool that connects not only the tourist, but the region with the rest of the world!

Located overseas, the ADEYO is an extremely resistant digital billboard developed to withstand adverse conditions and able to transmit information about the place to tourists, from temperature, maps, hotels, routes, among other options.

The information in tourism continues to be fundamental and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS technology emerges as an alternative to traditional forms of dissemination, with the main advantage of contributing to the reduction of costs of production and distribution of this same information.

Digital Tourist Information Point in Franc by PARTTEAM
Digital Tourist Information Point in Franc by PARTTEAM
Turismo E Hotelaria by PARTTEAM

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