Drive-in installed on Maxi Drive 24h in Quarteira

The renowned Algarve restaurant Maxi Drive 24h, located in Quarteira county of Loulé, is a regional phenomenon that stands out for the 24h service of pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs.

The long nights in the Algarve have a service that is very satisfying to tourists and locals who can find, at any time, an open restaurant with Drive-in service, where they can pick up their menu without leaving the car.

A concept introduced by the great groups of the world fast food, but that have turned out to be a true global phenomenon of the sector of restaurants.

This was another intriguing project developed by partner ACJ Informática, who proudly entrusted PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS with the supply and production of the kiosk responsible for this innovative service.

The kiosk selected was REALITY, an excellent outdoor model that offers ordering and payment tools, with the fundamental ergonomic characteristics so that the customer can order their meal comfortably from their vehicle.

Drive-in installed on Maxi Drive 24h in Quarteira
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