Multimedia Kiosks for Gil Eannes Foundation Museum

The Gil Eannes Foundation Museum in Viana do Castelo uses PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS technology to offer interactive experience to visitors through the DINK multimedia kiosk.

The Gil Eannes Hospital Ship is on the old commercial dock of Viana do Castelo. A museological space that contributes to the cultural, tourist and scientific development, especially in areas related to the sea.

As part of the celebrations of the "European Day of the Sea", the Gil Eanes Foundation felt the need to hold an exhibition entitled "Heroes that time does not quench".

The multimedia kiosk DINK of 19 '' provided through its interactivity and functionalities the visualization of videos and images on this "real tale" of the glorious achievements of the Portuguese by distant seas.

In an increasingly online and active society, the speed and propagation of data is of utmost importance. The museums , which are characterized as spaces of preservation, dissemination, knowledge and memory, must also be adapted to the new times.

The sharing of intellectual output like video, text, audio or images, must be done in an attractive, interactive and dynamic way. The objective ? Call attention and provide a differentiating experience.

Visitors to museums are more eager for information and especially want interactive experiences, perhaps even shareable in their own social networks. The museum needs to make navigation, updating and information access easily accessible.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosks and digital billboards provide this kind of interactive experiences and help in the dissemination and transmission of information.

Multimedia Kiosks for Gil Eannes Foundation Museum by PARTTEAM
Multimedia Kiosks for Gil Eannes Foundation Museum by PARTTEAM

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