Interactive Digital Billboards ZYTEC promote tourism in Mafra

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed and produced interactive Digital Billboards for the Mafra City Hall, a municipality that sees tourism as one of its main economic activities.

Located in Terreiro D. João V, in Mafra, Digital Billboards Digital Billboards ZYTEC allow access, at any time, to tourist information of the municipality of Mafra, including dynamic content on the main points of interest of the town.

The ZYTEC model is designed to remain in an outdoor space, withstanding different weather conditions. It contains a display with high brightness and contrast, making images visible even under sunlight.

Besides, this model stands out in the surroundings due to its glass front structure, meeting the customer's needs with its unique features.

Interactive Digital Billboards ZYTEC promote tourism in Mafra Photo credits: CM Mafra

Digital Billboards are, therefore, an alternative to traditional ways of disseminating information, contributing to the reduction of production and distribution costs of information, as well as to the environment.

In addition to contributing to the development of Smart Cities, Digital Billboards have several benefits:

  • Increased citizen satisfaction;
  • Promotion of municipalities as tourist destinations of choice;
  • Increased revenues and visibility;
  • Promotion of sustainable development;
  • Connection between citizens and the city.

With simple and modern lines, the versatility of the ZYTEC model, as well as the ease of adaptation to any environment, is one of its greatest assets.

Ergonomic and sustainable, ZYTEC can be segmented for any market or sector, responding to the clients' needs. Extremely technologically advanced, the ZYTEC model also integrates a custom ECU (electronic control unit) that ensures that the electronic systems and components are always operational, with remote web management control – that's THE BRAIN system.

Interactive Digital Billboards ZYTEC promote tourism in Mafra Photo Credits: CM Mafra

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' technology solutions, which can be customized, enrich the experiences of tourists and residents themselves by providing information, connectivity and content that enhance the user experience.

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Interactive Digital Billboards ZYTEC promote tourism in Mafra Photo Credits: CM Mafra
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