Miguel Soares talks about DOOH at the Iberia Retail Show 2019

Miguel Soares, CEO of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, was guest speaker at the Iberia Retail Show 2019 to address DOOH (Digital Out Of Home).

The Iberia Retail Show is one of the largest Iberian events in the retail sector, which took place between April 11 and 13, 2019, at Alfândega do Porto.

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The lecture of Miguel Soares took place on the second day of the event and approached DOOH in depth. This theme, for many still unknown, is an intrinsic and almost daily part of the lives of any citizen.

DOOH, as the name implies, refers to digital media, which are in public places, for advertising or informational purposes. They are generally installed in places of traffic and intense urban movement, with a high capacity of attention and persuasion of the surrounding public. For this purpose several digital or interactive devices are used, namely digital billboards, multimedia kiosks and interactive tables.

Miguel Soares Talks About Dooh At The Iberia Retail Show 2019

Compared to this solution we have OOH (Out of Home) that refers to all outdoor advertising, considered traditional communication, although influential, reaches less results than DOOH.

Studies indicate that by 2020, DOOH will capture 40% of overall advertising spending.

Benefits of DOOH for Consumers:

  • Better and new experiences of interaction;
  • Segmented communication;
  • Instant access to more information about the product;

Benefits of DOOH for businesses and organizations:

  • Power of attention;
  • Remote content management;
  • Audience measurement;
  • Localized and segmented advertising;

These benefits translate into increased sales and consecutive improvement in financial results, with a high return on investment.

Miguel Soares Talks About Dooh At The Iberia Retail Show 2019

The imagination in the creation of communication media continues to expand, spreading for example to street furniture. In this sense, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops innovative solutions such as SITTIN, a smart bench with advertising and interactive displays, equipped with solar panels and USB charging, or the NOMYU CITYLINK, an integrated telephone booth with a digital billboard, solar charging and access to Internet.

The DOOH results are staggering. Find out everything PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can do for your organization.Know more, click here.
Power of dooh in the digital area

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