Exoz Model in Lisbon Oceanarium for purchase of tickets, check-in or access control

Another fantastic PARTTEAM project, developed for the Lisbon Oceanarium. (A large main aquarium, holding 5 million litres of seawater. Four marine habitats create the illusion of a single aquarium and a sole ocean. This exhibition features terrestrial and marine ecosystems, as well as the temperate, tropical and cold waters of the Earth’s oceans.

Urbiotic Wifi
Urbiotic Wifi
Urbiotic Wifi

This is the EXOZ model and its main functionality is the purchase of tickets, check-in or access control systems.

Most people are accustomed to dealing with new technologies daily and increasingly with interactive products that allow them to take control of operations.

That is why multimedia kiosks or interactive multimedia systems play a very important role today when it comes to ticketing or check-in.

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