PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Self-Service Payment Kiosks for Kiddy Dome

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Self-Service Payment Kiosks for Kiddy Dome

The biggest entertainment and activity center for children and families in Switzerland, the famous Kiddy Dome, located in Rohrbach (BE), has several areas for entertainment, relaxation, restaurants and bar.

Through an international partner, Kiddy Dome turned to PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, a world reference in the development and manufacture of self-service kiosks, digital billboards, among many other solutions, to develop self-service payment kiosks. Thus, the self-service kiosks XEKOUT, SLIMW, the EXOZ wall kiosk and the STRONG interactive table were produced, for purchasing tickets, loading tickets, purchasing gifts and consulting information.

In order to guarantee the provision of high quality services and guarantee greater autonomy for visitors of the amusement center, visitors can, through these PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks, purchase tickets, more precisely, RFID wristbands that grants them entry to the enclosure and access to various fun places spread throughout the amusement center.

TRANSACT model for Selfcheck-in

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS's TRANSACT interactive self-service kiosks give customers the possibility of purchasing tickets, more precisely, RFID Wristbands, for entry to the Kiddy Dome.

Customers can make the purchase at the kiosk, choosing the type of ticket that best suits the visit they intend to make, and can pay for their tickets at the TRANSACT self-service kiosk, equipped with a cash payment system (coins and notes ) and ATM card reader.

After payment, the kiosk dispenses a Wristband with an RFID code that customers can use to enter the selected amusement spaces and even top up at other kiosks to gain access to other spaces in the enclosure.

XEKOUT and SLIMW models for autonomous payments

The XEKOUT and SLIMW models - equipped with a cash or card payment system and RFID reader - spread throughout the Kiddy Dome offer the possibility for customers to purchase more access tickets to the entertainment spaces. To do this, customers just need to bring their wristbands, purchased at the TRANSACT self-service kiosk, to the RFID reader so that they can then select the extra tickets they wish to buy and make the respective payment.

After purchasing more tickets to enter the various areas of the Kiddy Dome, wristbands are updated through these XEKOUT and SLIMW self-service kiosks so that customers can pass through the turnstiles to access the amusement spaces.

These self-service kiosks are extremely versatile and useful for both customers and the service provider:

  • Increase sales volume;
  • Decrease waiting time;
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Give customers more autonomy;
  • Can be customized.

Wall mounted EXOZ model

At the wall mounted EXOZ kiosk, customers can buy gifts to make the experience at the Kiddy Dome even more unforgettable.

At EXOZ, customers can choose from a variety of freebies, such as commemorative coins, and pay at the kiosk which, in the end, will dispense the coin(s) that customers have chosen.

STRONG interactive table

Scattered around the venue, the STRONG interactive tables allow customers to consult useful information. Interactive tables like the STRONG model provide practical and dynamic multimedia content to customers, making their visit more complete and fluid, keeping them always updated and informed.

The STRONG interactive table stands out for its sober lines, but at the same time modern and with a robust finish, it is an excellent model, widely used as an information point.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' commitment to digital innovation allows the development of technological tools that transform any space into a more dynamic and innovative environment. Investing in technology to improve customer experiences has been a strategy widely used by several sectors, as it makes it possible to introduce new technologies in order to attract the attention of consumers.

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