PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS with solution for single queue management for airports with led signaling towers

We live in the Age of Technology, with more demanding and aware citizens, who want more quality, speed, and efficiency in public attendance services.

An easy and practical attendance process improves efficiency and allows the creation of credibility to the public attendance services.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created a system without ticketing and distinguished itself by its efficiency in queue management, based on a first-come, first-served basis. With one queue or service in several counters, the single queue system is one of the simplest models to manage queues.

LED Signaling Towers

In this system, the counter operator can call the customers, who through displays scattered throughout the waiting area can know when a counter is available.

At each counter, an LED signaling tower is installed to help customers identify which counters are available and which are occupied:

  • Green LED - indicates that the counter is available to receive the next customer.
  • Red LED - indicates that the counter is busy or inactive.

On displays throughout the waiting area, customers can see which counters are available or which counter is available for the first queued customer.

Whenever a counter is free, the operator presses the button on the call terminal and the display shows the number corresponding to the available counter. As an example of the buttons on the call terminal:

  • Call (green light) - Button for calling a new customer;
  • Busy (red light or yellow light) - Button to indicate that the branch is currently not available;
  • In service (red light) - Button indicating that the counter is in service;
  • Available (green light) - Button indicating that the counter is free.

Operator registration via the terminal

To improve the organization of the system, each call terminal can be personalized with a unique QR-Code, where operators can login

Through this, it is possible to access all statistical data such as:

  • Which operator used that specific terminal;
  • How long this operator was in operation on that terminal;

The backoffice allows real-time consultation of the attendance status and waiting times, and also allows its consultation through any mobile or desktop device.

The resource to PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solutions allows the creation of a competitive advantage over other competitors, being able to transform any space and/or service into a more innovative and dynamic environment.

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