PLASMV digital billboard by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS boosts tourism in Romania

In preparation for receiving the title of European Capital of Culture 2023, the Romanian city Timisoara, rehabilitated one of its oldest and most charismatic areas of the city, in order to promote the best that the city has to offer.

Thus, the city of Timisoara, through an international partner, turned to PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS to produce and develop the interactive digital billboard, the 75'' PLASMV model, for sharing interactive information and also digital signage.

PLASMV: Dynamic Communication

Installed in the cultural quarter, Multiplexity or Center of Art, Technology and Experience of Timisoara, the 75'' PLASMV provides city visitors with useful information about the tourist and cultural offer of Timisoara, as well as information about the cultural program of “Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023”.

Installed in the new area of ​​the Art and Technology Hub, this Digital Billboard contributes to local development, namely through its benefits:

  • Ease of adaptation to user needs;
  • Immersive and interactive environment;
  • More attractive communication;
  • Better user experience;
  • Attractive and dynamic communication.

Regarding the PLASMV model, this bets on interactive technology and was developed to be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors – and for any type of application. Modern and versatile, this Digital Billboard aims, especially, to disseminate dynamic advertising content.

Digital Billboards for the Tourism Sector

There are several benefits of these digital billboards that contribute to the development of Smart Cities and, as a consequence, contribute to the promotion and development of tourism.

  • Improved mobility and transport flow;
  • Improved quality of life;
  • Promotion of sustainability;
  • Security and connectivity;
  • Increase income stream and promote local business growth.

With the intention of contributing to technological innovation, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a world reference in the development of technological solutions developed to measure for various sectors of activity.

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