PLASMV Digital Billboards for Beja

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, through an important national partner, was responsible for the production of two digital billboards of the PLASMV model, installed in the municipality of Beja.

The kiosks were designed, above all, to present useful information from the municipality, news, events, to locate stores through an interactive map (wayfinding system), among other communications.

With regard to wayfinding, it is important to point out its great advantages, like:

  • The innovative system, since the use of signs and paper for guidance is an archaic and outdated method of providing a sense of guidance to visitors;
  • Sustainability, because paper is not used;
  • Stress reduction, taking into account that people have a digital guide at their fingertips;
  • Inclusion, as this system is designed taking into account the design and ease of navigation.
PLASMV Digital Billboards for Beja
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About the PLASMV model, it bets on an interactive technology and was developed to be used anywhere – indoor or outdoor – and for any type of application. Modern and versatile, this kiosk aims especially to disseminate dynamic advertising content.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has been increasingly focusing on digital innovation, as it allows the development of technological tools capable of transforming any space and/or service into a dynamic and innovative environment. Investment in technology to improve customer experiences is a strategy already used by several companies and sectors, as it allows the introduction of new technologies, which aim to attract the attention of consumers.

PLASMV Digital Billboards for Beja

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