Self-Service Kiosks in the Nova Peixaria of C.C. Alegro Alfragide

Nova Peixaria, at Alegro Alfragide Shopping Center, is one of the first restaurants in Portugal where customers can order their meal through self-service kiosks produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, a technological partner of the project developed by LEVOO.

The self-service digital kiosks QUARTZ 22’’ allow convenient ordering.

The advantages and benefits of these kiosks generate several benefits such as: increased sales, high consumption experience, greater precision in ordering, reduction of queues, focus on production and increase the speed of dispatch of meals, etc.

Through this innovation, the customer makes his request, being able to customize the different dishes and menus. Having the possibility to choose different means of payment, such as ATM, MB WAY, Paypal, etc.

In the catering area of ​​the Alegro Alfragide Shopping Center, self-service kiosks are already in place that improve the customers experience.

The feedback has been so positive that those responsible for Nova Peixaria decided to move forward with a totally customized solution for the establishment of the same shopping center.

Self-Service Kiosks in the Nova Peixaria of C.C. Alegro Alfragide

International studies show that the future of catering goes through the creation of proposals of self-service value, as is the case of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS and LEVOO.

Not only do we offer the most appropriate functionality for each project, but we can also customize each kiosk to enhance each customer experience.

The satisfaction of our customers and partners is our best reward and what motivates us to improve every day.


LEVOO is a platform with a unique value proposition for consumers and food-courts. Through kiosks and apps (iOS and Android), consumers can order their meal more conveniently and without waiting in the restaurant queues.

The platform integrates loyalty solutions and all means of payment.

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