Automatic Payment Kiosks for Shopping in Denmark

Parking and paying independently and conveniently is now possible in the parking lot of the Fisketorvet mall, located in Denmark. Through an international business partner of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, were manufactured automatic payment kiosks for Shopping in Denmark.

The 22’’ self-service kiosks EXOZ allow mall visitors to become more autonomous by providing automatic payment service. It is possible to integrate different components in these payment kiosks, such as card reader, anti-vandalic keyboard, printer, barcode scanner, webcam, among others.

The versatility of this kiosk is one of its strengths, since it can adapt to different needs and projects. The sober and rounded lines of this equipment give it an unusual ability to provide information autonomously to all users.

Easy to use, it becomes a simple kiosk and it makes the visitor's experience to Shopping more enjoyable and satisfying. It is possible through these payment kiosks to maintain a lifestyle that is currently provided by information technologies, ie the autonomy to perform functions that previously required the presence of another actor.

Automatic Payment Kiosks for Shopping in Denmark

No waiting lines! It is another of the great advantages of these self-service kiosks that with an integrated queuing management system can minimize the sensation of the visitor's waiting time.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a unique experience in the field of interactive technologies, allowing them to be integrated in the EXOZ, or in any multimedia / digital billboards, in an effective and professional way.

Some Photos of the Project

Automatic Payment Kiosks for Shopping in Denmark
Automatic Payment Kiosks for Shopping in Denmark
Automatic Payment Kiosks for Shopping in Denmark
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