Transact EXO: The ticketing and payment kiosk that provides user autonomy

At the technological vanguard, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS produced and developed Transact EXO, a future-oriented ticketing kiosk that integrates the global concept of Smart Cities and offers a full range of services.

Modern and versatile, this electronic or paper ticketing kiosk is a device that allows everyone to buy tickets autonomously, quickly, and easily, whether in train stations, subway stations, buses or even at the entrance of a park, museum or cinema.

This self-service kiosk provides autonomy to users and can be used as a ticket vending machine or as a multifunctional terminal, being able to issue and recharge passes and to provide communication or access to other online services.

The big difference with traditional means of payment is that, in this modality, it is the user himself who registers the service/product he wants to buy.

Transact EXO: The ticketing and payment kiosk that provides user autonomy

Smart ticketing can make a real difference in consumers' experiences, so there are several advantages that this kiosk brings:

  • Autonomy for users;
  • Personalized experience;
  • Various payment methods;
  • Reduced waiting time;
  • Centralized remote control;
  • Anti-vandalism alarm system.

Being able to accept any kind of payment, such as coins, bills and debit cards, this kiosk can be available 24 hours a day at train stations, bus stops or any self-service/payment point for transportation or other services and products. Customers can buy one-way and/or return tickets with refills or monthly passes for public transport.

Transact EXO: The ticketing and payment kiosk that provides user autonomy

With minimalist and sober lines that give it an incredibly modern and light look, the Transact EXO conveys an image of simplicity, style and robustness. In addition, the great resistance to weather conditions allows this kiosk to be located in outdoor spaces. The Transact EXO can also use high-brightness screens to produce a legible image even in sunlight.

We are passionate about what we do and we want to share that with the world! It is this motivation that makes PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS the best possible partner in the production of any digital or interactive equipment.

Transact Exo ticketing kiosk - PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

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