Withdraw money without leaving the company with CASHARMOUR DRAW

In order to be able to raise money in a convenient and safe way, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has produced and developed the CASHARMOUR DRAW, that is, a private CASHARMOUR, which can be used in any company and in any sector of activity.

The aim of this system is that any employee can withdraw money from CASHARMOUR DRAW whenever he needs it, without having to leave the company to do so.

Thus, CASHARMOUR DRAW ends up replacing the ATMs of the banking institutions, functioning itself as an ATM within the company, available to its employees (money made available by the company).

This system works in a very simple way. When an employee needs money, he only has to place an order in the CASHARMOUR software online. Then, an operator with permissions to authorize withdrawals, receives this request in the backoffice of CASHARMOUR and validates/authorizes the withdrawal intended by the employee.

Withdraw money without leaving the company with CASHARMOUR DRAW

The employee will then receive a notification with a code to proceed with the withdrawal of the money (only in notes). Afterwards, the employee can go to CASHARMOUR DRAW, enter the code and his identification and withdraw the money. Likewise, from the identification code they can return the money or part of it.

So, several advantages of CASHARMOUR DRAW can be listed:

  • Employee satisfaction;
  • Money withdrawal without leaving the company;
  • Employees do not need to wait to withdraw money;
  • System against theft or robbery and prohibition of access to unauthorized persons;
  • Elimination of errors related to handling money.
Withdraw money without leaving the company with CASHARMOUR DRAW

Through CASHARMOUR DRAW, a different, agile and practical experience can be offered to employees.

We are passionate about what we do and we want to share it with the world! It is this motivation that makes PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS the best possible partner in the production of any digital or interactive equipment.


Innovate your business and promote employee satisfaction!

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