YPortal APP: The city that travels with you

The YPortal APP llows the diffusion of various information, whether it is about transportation, public services, cultural agenda, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, events, etc.

YPortal, increasingly closer to you, simplifies communication, providing unique experiences and transmitting and adding feelings of joy and satisfaction to users.

The YPortal APP provides a series of features that allow the user to interact and get to know the municipality better, in full integration with the smartphone, giving the possibility to share their experiences with others.

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, the YPortal application provides useful information that allows you to know the municipality better. Suggestions of places to try the typical dishes, suggestions of accommodation, activities and tours are some of the information of the application that promotes the well-being and beauty of your city. Besides, you can add some place, activity, information, route or map to your list of favorites.

YPortal APP: The city that travels with you

Focused on the user, the YPortal application accelerates the dissemination of information, besides being outstanding for its versatility, real-time communication, accessibility, interactivity, high performance and sharing of moments. Besides, it has multiple functionalities:

  • Informations: All useful information to communicate to those who visit the municipalities;
  • Maps: Maps dedicated to routes and itineraries, including points of interest;
  • Profile: Each user can create his or her profile and consequently choose the language and create his or her favorite list;
  • Contacts: It allows visitors to have access to important contacts such as museums, libraries, hospital, shopping;
  • Camera: The user can register his passage through the municipality through a selfie and share it;
  • Evaluate: The YPortal APP allows you to evaluate and leave your opinion about the city.
YPortal APP: The city that travels with you

With maps that include routes and points of interest, the YPortal APP takes the user to travel through legendary places and to recognize the values of humanity that enliven memories. The application, through the agenda, also allows the consultation, by day, week and month, of events related to the municipality. In the highlights of the YPortal APP you can find the most important information about the municipality, which can be events, places, announcements. This way, a greater involvement between the citizens and the localities is created. The YPortal APP, through City Vibe, allows you to evaluate and leave your opinion about the city, more specifically regarding cleaning, traffic, service, security and environment.

Information in any sector remains fundamental and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' YPortal app appears as a complement to the YPortal software for interactive digital billboards. More than just informing, YPortal wants to promote communication and interaction.

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