YPORTAL is candidate to the ACEPI NAVEGANTES XXI awards

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is candidate to the ACEPI Awards.

The ACEPI NAVEGANTES XXI awards are an initiative of ACEPI - Associação da Economia Digital, created to promote and develop the Digital Economy in Portugal.

These awards were conceived based on an innovative concept, which evaluates a set of categories of competition prizes, and which annually awards the best that is done in the Digital Economy on various aspects in Portugal.

As part of this event PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS applied for the Best Website / Tourism APP award, with YPortal Software.

YPortal is a web software developed with a special focus on municipalities, on which can be adapted to any other type of sector. Where each service can be unique and personalized from colors to menu and features.

YPortal is candidate to the ACEPI NAVEGANTES XXI Awards

This is a solution that provides tourists and locals, as well as users in various fields, with access to all relevant information and tools about municipalities and entities.

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