YSNACK software for self-service kiosks with possibility of integration with Shopify

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed the YSNACK software, a software for self-service kiosks, which integrates with POS software already installed in restaurants.

Thought as an alternative to the traditional service counters, this software is a solution that promotes more autonomy to all customers, putting an end to long waiting lines.

Initially, the type of meal the customer wants must be chosen, as well as additional accompaniments to the meal. After this choice, the customer must proceed with the payment of his meal.

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Advantages of the YSNACK software

The YSNACK software was designed for self-service kiosks by the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS team because of all the benefits it provides for the customers:

  • Increased sales volume;
  • Increased consumer experience;
  • Increased order precision;
  • Reduction of queues;
  • Increased speed in shipping meals;
  • Different means of payment.

YSNACK Backoffice

YSNACK Software is a self-checkout software with modules that can be integrated directly with Shopify sites and Kanban KDS (Kitchen Display System) in a drag-n-drop system.

Due to the integration with the POS software, in the backoffice of the software the order placed will be visible in the category "Orders". After this categorization, the YSNACK software backoffice manager can monitor all the orders between the categories presented:

YSNACK Frontoffice


First, an initial screensaver is presented, from which the whole process of placing an order will start;

Meal Type

The customer has the possibility to choose which type of food he prefers for his meal;


From several categories presented, the customer can now choose which meal he wants;


After the chosen category, it can be combined in a diversity of menus;

Order Quantities

Once the meal has been chosen, it is possible to customize the number of orders desired;

Order Details

After the chosen order, the customer is able to access his complete order;

Shopping Cart

Each customer's shopping cart is displayed and they can see the amount to pay;

Payment Method

The customer must choose the payment method that is most appropriate for his purchase;


Selecting the desired option, the card must be inserted in order to make the payment;


Your order is now finished. Now you just need to wait for your turn;

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, could not be more satisfied with the work it has been developing in the last 22 years, and this software is the result of a work developed by the whole team, with the objective of making our clients' day-to-day easier.

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