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PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS technology at the service of airport productivity.

With many years of experience, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers a wide range of solutions and Technological products for the aviation sector., which has adopted the best technologies, requiring interactive tools and solutions that facilitate and make the processes automated.

95% of the airports are investing in mobile equipment / applications for greater interaction between the passenger and the airlines.

Self-service bag drop

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops kiosks of self-service and bag-drop. This solution provides such an easy service, that passengers do not need help to put the tag on their luggage. Thus, service agents have more time to provide a more effective and personalized service to the passenger.
This service has as main advantages:

Reduce operational costs;

Improve the passenger experience;

More personalized and effective service;

Service Improvement;

Decreased queues;

Tax Free: On a daily basis, passengers can get back the VAT of ther purchase!

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers the complete Tax Free solution that facilitates the mechanism of return of the rates of your purchases.

Automatic language recognition;

Electronic forms issuance;

Consolidation of the purchase receipt;

Automatic calculation of amounts;

Electronic passport reader;

Free form of taxes.

Self-service technology that offers and agile answer for those who do not know their suitcase.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS transportation and aviation technology solutions help to optimize productivity while simplifying the passenger experience. Do not wait any longer, we have numerous self-service digital kiosks !

Provides more convenience;

Customer satisfaction;

More productivity for emplyees;

Guarantee of return on investment;

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Get to know some of the benefits that best characterize our self-service kiosks !

increase in precision

Implementing a self-service kiosk at an airport reduces the likelihood of the user wasting time in detail, reducing the likelihood of making a mistake with their own data, since part of the process is done by the customer.

Kiosk customization

Possibility to change the display and the menus quickly and without associated costs. Improved visualization of the images of the menus and what each one represents, as well as more information and details about them.

Without long waiting rows

Faster, autonomous and efficient service. Capacity of choice given to the client, who can opt for the digital medium without intervenients.

Customer satisfaction

Continuous innovation in technology improves consumer experiences with self-service kiosks.

Queue management

Give your passengers the priority and attention they deserve !

Try this solution that combines a ticket dispenser kiosk, optionally buttons or interactive, with a digital billboard.

You can also integrate the QMAGINE LINE software into your kiosk that allows a complete visual customization, adapted to your company with various functionalities.

Improve the quality of service;

Reduce the doupout rate;

Greater efficiency in service management;

Reduce waiting time;

Voice call;

Alerts via SMS or Web;

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Digital Signage

The use of Digital Signage in the aviation sector has significantly transformed the passenger experience.

Digital signage provides dynamic and interactive solutions that are perfectly suited for airports. It allows the creation and management of multimedia contents and their availability by one or several displays simultaneously. These displays can work locally or remotely, depending on your configuration.

Centralized content management;

Attractive visual content;

Customization of layout and design;

Providing Wi-Fi;

Real-time update;

Security in publishing content;

Connection to internal network;

Multitasking work tool;

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Increase productivity with technology for your airport.

The Video Wall, also known as display wall is a great way to use a Digital Signage. In a square matrix format, that is, the same number of lines and columns, the video wall captures the attention of consumers and transforms its airport intro a more modern and technological place.

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Differentiate competition

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Modernize the environment

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Automatize the layouts

Soluções Tecnológicas para Transportes e Aviação

Save production costs

Displays flight information: arrival and departure times, flight status ...

These digital mirrors allow passengers to quickly and anywhere in the airport confirm all flight information that comes directly from airlines. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS provides this solution and the most important part of a flight information display system, the YFlight software.

Display all arrivals, departures or both;

Real-time flight updates;

Advertising implementation;

Customizable layout;

Target temperature;

Operation 24/7;


Digital kiosks and billboards are increasingly used by the aviation industries.

Common Use Self Service kiosks CUSS) have provided autonomy to passengers, who can access information, register and print luggage labels through these kiosks, among other features.

We support our partners and customers to reaching the most effective product to meet the needs of each project. Developing custom equipment or based on standard equipment that our company already have.

Digital signage is emerging in the Aviation sector, with the main objective being to improve the travel experience from the customers point of view. You can reduce perceived wait times by using digital signage.

Airports are trying to be friendlier places, treating passengers as guests who appreciate architectural details, free WiFi, a nice view, and amenities like spas or gyms. This new reality means managers have to consider the complete airport experience from entrance to take-off, landing to exiting.


Soluções para Airports


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