Kids Interactive solutions for children

Interactive Solutions for Children

Digital and Interactive Technology for children

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops interactive and digital solutions for children's entertainment. All products and projects can be customized and adapted to the context and objectives of each organization.

In the area of pedagogy and entertainment multimedia kiosks are emerging as a useful tool with gaming applications and new software that enable the acquisition of information and perceptual realities.

This tool also allows interactivity between machine and child, and promotes human relations because the experiences are shared among children interacting with each other.

These kiosks can be placed in areas such as trade shows for children, meeting places, places that are visited often by groups of children, creating fun activities for children.

With the various available solutions, it is possible to make spaces for children younger and more modern.

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Augmented Reality

Gesture games

Make interactive and gesture games on multimedia kiosks, tables and digital billboards.

With this solution the interaction is realized with the aid of a 3D camera, that captures the children's gestures, transmitting them instantaneously to the virtual world.

Kids Interactive solutions for children Augmented reality

Wall mount multimedia kiosks

Vertical interactive solutions

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers several interactive wall kiosks, which can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Fully customizable, they can vary in size, material, color and with possible integration of various components, such as: webcam, speakers, Wi-Fi, etc.

Interactive floor projector

Fun, gymnastics, dance ...

This solution allows the projection of games and animations on the floor of an interior space.

With numerous games and themes available, fun for children is guaranteed while they exercise, learn, dance and play, individually or in a group.

Kids Interactive solutions for children interactive floor projector

Available Kiosks

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All details were thought to detail in termes of design. The clean lines give it an elegance unprecedented in the multimedia kiosks sector.

The metal frame was also designed to be as lean as possible so that what matters is highlighted: the display.

The capability of the model KARISMA allows it to be used in the presentation of multimedia content as well as an interactive projection.

Kids Interactive solutions for children karisma


This interactive table was designed to support the new technologies available in the market. It's a fantastic 42" interactive multi-touch display, that will work as a virtual table.

We can see pictures, increase, reduce, move, insert a USB flash drive, copy files, etc. A device with several functions that we can do with a group of friends gathered at this futuristic table.

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The SQUARE K model was developed for indoors use, especially by children, but can also be used by adults.

Due to the unique design, besides a multimedia kiosk,, SQUARE K is a piece of decor that will fit in any leaving room, school, restaurant, shopping center, or others.

Kids Interactive solutions for children square k

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