Children's & Animation

In a society even more interactive children are a group that appreciate and use this kind of multimedia applications in educational games and jokes. The multimedia kiosks can provide children's emotional experiences and creativity, that will help in the learning process.

Few years ago children's knew nothing about these concepts but now they begin to experience the sensory stimulation at early ages.

It is when we are children that we learn, observe and question the world around us. We learned to use our 5 senses!

In the area of pedagogy and entertainment multimedia kiosks are emerging as a useful tool with gaming applications and new software that enable the acquisition of information and perceptual realities.

This tool also allows interactivity between machine and child, and promotes human relations because the experiences are shared among children interacting with each other. They can use the same tool simultaneously, through play and cooperation for solve games and tasks.

These kiosks can be placed in areas such as trade shows for children, meeting places, places that are visited often by groups of children, creating fun activities for children, or even to give them information about that area through a specific software.

It is important that such locals become attractive in order to provide children living situations, and promoting human relations, which tend to be lost with the isolation of children in their rooms with their computer as soon as they get home.

An example of this is a new augmented reality system that can be supported by a multimedia kiosk that combines the virtual with real elements, creating interactivity between them with real time processing. Children can manipulate virtual images through graphics, characters and objects using their imagination and share them with one or more friends.

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