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The construction and real estate areas has substantially evolved over in the last years. The multimedia kiosks now become an important tool in the internal processes of these organizations and in the services they provide to their customers.

In the construction area a multimedia kiosk can be used as access and attendance control system, access to the intranet of the organization by the employees or even call in process regarding a particular work.

In the Real Estate sector, the communication is traditionally done through informative brochures or posters, however, the kiosk is an interactive multimedia that provides greater motivation to "purchase" of products to the users due to the innovative effect.

The services of these companies will continue to be provided by persons, because the human element and staff is vital in this sector but is common to see a multimedia kiosk in a building or construction company, because there are tasks where the multimedia kiosk can replace human presence.

The multimedia kiosks are an increasingly indispensable tool in this sector to work as:

• Attendance and Access Systems (outpatient attendance list, payroll, etc.)

• Intranet quick and easy access (processes information, communication between departments, etc.)

• Access and print of necessary documents for the implementation of services

• Promotional products presentation, credits for housing calculation

• Advertising Solutions and digital ads

• Interactive multimedia ads for projects that estate agency has underway.

• Information about houses for sale or rent, having the opportunity to show real images of what you want to sell and provide information of what is the official representative of that property

• Visitor access management

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