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"We are in the era of digital information and all companies are adopting new technologies to communicate with the world! The multimedia kiosks and digital advertising mupis are currently very effective technological tools to achieve the best results marketing and advertising"

The advertising, marketing and new experience sectors, are those which have a natural propensity to acquire this digital and / or interactive advertising platform through the installation of interactive kiosks and digital mupis.

Until now these areas were restricted to one type of communication through ads in newspapers, magazines, promotional brochures or internet communications (digital newsletters, etc.), these new digital platforms have revolutionized the way this type of business communicate with their target.

With this type of platforms (interactive kiosks and digital advertising panels) becomes possible to create real time campaigns by zones, schedules, etc.., You can place dynamic ads in certain distinct areas of the city where kiosks or advertising panels are physically placed.

We know that segmentation has always been concern in marketing and advertising agencies.With multimedia kiosks / digital mupis, combined with technologically advanced facial recognition software's it can be possible to activate a particular advertisement, in the case of a male or female person.

It's possible with these platforms that all the digital advertising network is connected with each other, and the management of all content transmitted to the interactive kiosks or advertising mupis can be done remotely, in a very simple way and simultaneously to two, five or ten Kiosk / mupis.

Also the new part of the market for the companies work in experiments to individual customers or businesses, want to transmit to the visitor in modern, innovative and dynamic way. The visual aspect (image of companies) is increasingly a differentiating factor, and that is why this companies are using a multimedia kiosk or a digital Mupi to promote their products and services.

Multimedia kiosks are thus an increasingly indispensable tool in this sector to work as:

• Products promotion by companies / stores

• Inform and publish different ads this companies made

• Photo kiosks for experience companies.

• Two-way interactive ads (advertising material in which the public is invited to participate actively responding to interactive quizzes)

• Targeting Advertising (the ads can be changed automatically without human intervention through recognition software)

• Service Management / Queue Management (flow control of customers)

• Multimedia Interactive ads (for events organized by marketing and advertising companies).

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