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If there are areas clearly identified with high potential to take the multimedia kiosks, digital advertising mupis and interactive systems, there are others who are actually surprised by their search for this kind of technology!

However, in recent years there has been a very high pursuit of some sectors such as Museology, Libraries and even the Religion to this type of technology platforms.

The World Wide Web has, indeed, revolutionized the way we look at these entities to communicate with their customers and / or followers and in the case of the Museums, Libraries and Religious spaces or worship is interesting to know how to reinvent new ways of communication using multimedia kiosks and interactive systems.

"Nobody would say, some years ago. that it would be possible to read the Bible inside a church using a multimedia kiosk".

The kiosks integrated in churches, museums and libraries may be equipped with sound system that enable the usability for blind persons.

In Museums, multimedia kiosks, digital billboards and interactive systems are new communication platforms that any museum director cannot forgot !

In recent years the renewal of the Museums and Libraries has followed along with the technological revolution adopting this type of interactive technology platforms. The multimedia kiosks an indispensable tool in these arear to work as:

• Presentation of the Museum Assets

• Book Search (with advanced software's search by subject, author, etc.)

• Interactive Experiences for museums and churches

• Photo Kiosks for museums and churches

• Interactive Directory (map of the Museum or the Library)

• Historical Information Presentation (religion, historical evolution of the church)

• Ability to provide interactive games for school groups (children) that visit the museums, where they can learn about the Assets in a fun way.

• Print informations that visitors can take home

Learn more how can multimedia kiosks, interactive systems and digital billboards can help this sectors to became more "userfriendly", more intuitive and above all... more adapted to the present and the future.

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