Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies


Interactive solutions for Pharmacies

There are many challenges that pharmacies face, the solution starts with the technological innovation.

Society has evolved, competition has flourished and pharmacies must know how to innovate to keep up with the complex and challenging sector in which they operate.

In many countries, the recent opening of the pharmaceutical market to wholesale retail multinationals has been accompanied by the need for a review of its business model.

The implementation of digital solutions provide new experiences for the modern consumer, facilitating their purchasing process and provide greater privacy.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS


Main Advantages

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Online Tickets and SMS

Online tickets and SMS

Online scheduling and issuing of digital tickets with SMS alerts.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Voice Alerts

Voice alerts

Possibility of voice calls with language selection.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Corporate TV

Corporate TV

Display with information, videos, meteorology and others.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Evaluation System

Evaluation system

The customers have the possibility to evaluate the service in the kiosk.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Dashboard


Real-time statistics for service monitoring and optimization.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Remote Management

Remote Management

Control and service management from anywhere.

What can we do for you?

1. Self-service

2. Customer service management

3. Appointment check-in

4. Digital signage

5. LED panels

6. Video wall

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Self-Service


Privacy and time saving for your customers.

Self-service solutions are increasingly solving the problems of many businesses. They satisfy customers by providing them with autonomy and efficiency.

Increase the sales with programmatic advertisements customized to each customer's profile while maximizing the benefits of loyalty and customer card creation.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Self-Service

Simple self-service


Insert citizen's or loyalty card.


Choose the product or pass the prescription code.


Pick up and pay for the products.

Optimized service

Quick and simple.

The system enables an effective and organized management of the service, with statistical analysis, which gives the operator the needed tools to optimize the service.

The software was developed in order to provide maximum simplicity for the employees and customers, while providing numerous functionalities.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Self-Service

in one place...

Automated purchase and payment, targeted advertising, among other technologies that result in increased billing.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies
  • More

    Programmatic advertising
    Targeted advertising based on customer profile and history.

  • More

    Product listing
    Simple, intuitive and organized presentation of all the products.

  • More

    Card reader
    Customer identification reader, with citizen card or loyalty card.

  • More

    Bar code reader
    Allows instant reading of the prescription code.

  • More

    Ticket printing
    Allows instant reading of the prescription code.



Centralized management.

The service management can be done from any place and any equipment.

This innovative platform adds numerous tools for management and statistical analysis of the whole attendence and pharmacy services.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Appointment Directory

Appointment directory

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Dashboard

Appointment check-in

Pharmacy appointment? Don't worry about scheduling and reception, automate the process.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Appointment Directory

Appointment directory

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Appointment Schedule

Appointment schedule

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Bookings Check-In

Bookings check-in

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Profile and Historical

Profile and historical

Self-Service Medicine Dispenser Kiosk

This self-service kiosk, model IMPACTV, allows a patient to collect, more easily, quickly and effectively, the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Furthermore, it reduces waiting times in pharmacies.

In addition to the medication collection functionality, IMPACTV can function as a digital signage kiosk, as it has a large display where the pharmacy can display advertising, information or videos.

Know more

Soluções Interactivas para Farmácias - Dashboard


The Pharmacy without leaving the vehicle

The implementation of digital and interactive solutions provides new experiences to the modern consumer, who sees their purchasing process made easier.

An example of this is PHARMA COLLECT, the medicine dispensing kiosk, a drive-thru solution from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS. This self-service kiosk allows customers to collect, in a simple, quick and efficient way, via drive-thru, the medicines or products they need.

Soluções Interactivas para Farmácias - Video Wall

Learn about the medication pickup process

  1. 1. Ordering

    On the kiosk’s interactive display, the user can pick up his or her order, quickly and without complications.

  2. 2. Emergence of the products in the deposit

    After the user selects his order and/or the products he wants to collect, they appear in the deposit for later collection.

  3. 3. Opening of the door

    The door opens to lift the patient's order safely.

  4. 4. Collection of medicines

    Once the door to the deposit is opened, the medications are available for the patient to pick up.

  5. 5. Safety sensor

    When the door is closing, the security sensor can detect movement in the deposit and, if there is any, stops it.

  6. 6. Payment

    The payment of the order is made by ATM and the customer can request an invoice.

Led panels

Modular communication at the point of sale.

Prepared for indoor or outdoor, these panels are an excellent tool to capture the attention of customers and increase your prominence against the competition.

Its modular features allow endless configurations adapted to each situation. The impact will be noticeable and the results visible.

Digital Signage

The best way to get the customers attention.

The digital signage provides dynamic and interactive solutions customized for each pharmacy.

It can be used for commercial communication support or for customers information / entertainment.

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Digital Signage

Video Wall

Power the communication!

A modular solution that combines several displays, of extra-thin frame, which together form a large format billboard. Its modular features allow endless configurations adapted to each situation. The impact will be noticeable and the results visible.

Create your grid. Some examples:

Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Video Wall
Interactive Solutions for Pharmacies - Video Wall

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