Ticketing & Check-In

The multimedia kiosks are now essential when it comes to buying tickets and check-in or access control systems. Entities and companies that have not yet acceded these systems, will certainly be a step backwards!

We are every day more autonomous and therefore able to accomplish tasks without the need for other persond and above all without having to wait. That is a fundamental asset that companies have to provide to their customers.

It's for this reason that the multimedia kiosks and interactive multimedia systems now represent an important role when it comes to ticketing, check-in or access control and attendance.

Most of the companies (eg aviation, transport) no longer dispense the use of multimedia kiosks to provide its customers the opportunity to purchase their own tickets at check-in and move on quickly.

With the use of multimedia kiosks, these companies can reduce human resources and therefore costs, providing most of all to the customers a quality service, efficient and above all much faster. Studies indicate that the use of multimedia kiosks reduce by 35% the waiting time.

"The waiting queues are now part of the past!"

Moreover, nowadays also access control in companies, museums, stadiums, gyms, events, etc.. is performed in a fully autonomous way, through systems of access control and management of flows of people.

Multimedia kiosks thereby represent an important role in the autonomy of the people, because that function was performed, until that moment had, by the employees of that company.

The multimedia kiosks allow anyone to make buy tickets (with payment via bill or coin acceptors or by credit card).

In the area of Land Transport (Subway, Train, etc.). multimedia kiosks provide the customer the possibility to automatically acquire the tickets for a trip or even a passport card (monthly or weekly). Payment can be made using bill or coin acceptors or by credit card.

In aviation, a multimedia quioques may allow, not only to perform the check-in, but also print the stickers for luggage.

It is also possible to equip two kiosks with multimedia displays and one of them, wider, can be used for advertising. That is, besides the service they provide to the customer, companies can make money / pay off the investment with the sale of digital advertising space.

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