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The smart bench SITTIN, manufactured and developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, is not an ordinary bench. It is a tool with multiple functionalities that corresponds to the growing needs of the Smart Cities.

The SITTIN bench is completely versatile and customizable. It can easily be changed and added new components like: displays of larger or smaller dimensions, interactive or advertising, USB charging systems, Wi-Fi internet, among others.

Allied to the technological evolution, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops solutions of urban furniture that respect the highest parameters of sustainability.

Urban furniture is now an important step for the future!

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Key Features :



Carregamentos USB

USB Charging

Internet Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi internet




Solar Panels

Comunicação publicitária e interactiva

Advertising and interactive communication

The smart bench SITTIN, allows companies and institutions to have an advertising space in high places.

Modules with superior displays enable interactive solutions, as a means of leisure, informative or practical access to the Internet.

USB Charging

Charging mode has evolved

Increasingly, smartphones and technological gadgets are part of everyday life and routine of citizens. USB charging has become very important for the population.

The SITTIN allows the loading of equipment by USB. An indisputably useful advantage in the most diverse circumstances for the user.

Carregamento USB

Solar Panels

Energy and Technology

SITTIN is equipped with the latest solar panel technology.

It proves to be an energy self-sufficient bank, which consequently eliminates the inconvenient use of traditional electric cables.

Wi-Fi Internet

Connected cities

The SITTIN bank, through its functionalities, benefits from several services such as transport, public safety, the environment, education and tourism, promoting through free Wi-Fi, the inclusion of both citizens and visitors.

Internet Wi-Fi

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