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Digital Multimedia Content Hub

You can now replace the old “PAPER CLUSTER BOARDS” that you have in your company, where you place warnings, documents, etc. by this multimedia hub system that can be applied to touchscreen displays, multimedia kiosks, or publish on the web.

This software allows to manage and stream information like documents, videos, newsletters, photos, events, warnings, production reports, procurement docs, social posts, etc. in a easy way.

" Userfriendly, both for end user and administrators, this is a new tool that can revolutionize the way your company communicates internally or to the public. "


Useful software and simple to use, both for the end user or to the admin.

With simple actions likes scroll, click and zoom, your employees or customers will have access to all the information that is published.

With Centralized management (Web Saas), ClusterWall allows, in a two step process, to disclosed important information (or just social posts) privately to your employees or public to...everyone.

Information can be broadcast to multiple display terminals, and may even be created specific Content cluster boards for each department of the company.

Digital Signature

Now it is possible to notify employees for a possible private document and obtain confirmation through digital signature.

A new software developed to replace the way that informations are disclosed and shared in public and private institutions.

Stop the excessive spending of paper and modernize the communication of your company.

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