QMAGINE Service and Queue Management QMAGINE Service and Queue Management

Service and Queue Management

Do not leave your customers waiting. A smart queue management system can be the key to your success!

Service management has as main objectives the ordering of waiting queues, in order to improve the quality of the provided service, improve the service efficency and improve work flow. With real quality and excellence in service, customers will feel more credibility in your business.

We live in a age of information and communication technology, with more demanding and conscientious citizens who want more quality, faster and more efficient services. Excellence in a service can be the competitive differentiator and the main factor in customer loyalty, sales groth, company evolution, satisfaction in the performance evaluation of institutions, among other factors.

QMAGINE Service and Queue Management

Benefits of Queue Management Systems

This system ensures a better organization of services, optimizes service processes and eliminates the traditional queue, which translates into greater comfort in service, for both customers and employees.

QMAGINE Service and Queue Management Benefits

Client satisfaction growth

QMAGINE Service and Queue Management Benefits

Reduced perception of waiting time

QMAGINE Service and Queue Management Benefits

Service management and organization

QMAGINE Service and Queue Management Benefits

Staff productivity optimization

QMAGINE Ticket Service and Queue Management

Ticket Queue Management

Attendance System for a Ticket Attendance Management

Complete system that responds to all service configurations, regardless of business areas. From a basic system to a more sophisticated business solution that can involve different players. Not only do we provide the service through multimedia kiosks, but also through a fast and intuitive mobile application that will facilitate and streamline queue management.

  • Waiting time prediction
  • Digital Signage or Corporate TV
  • Centralized service management
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Priority service
  • Statistical data

Single Queue

Linear Queue Management Service System

This system is absent of tickets and is distinguished by its efficiency in the management of queues and is based on the logic of the service "first come, first served". One queue / service for multiple counters, the single queue system is one of the simples models for managing queues.

Each time a call desk is free, the operator presses the call button, being present on the display the number of the available balcony that is available for attendance. It's the perfect solution for stores, airports and pharmacies.

Case Study

ANA Airpots

Arrow CTA

Single Queue Benefits

  • Service by order of arrival of customers
  • Perfect for fast service and long queues
  • Simple and easy installation and maintenance
QMAGINE Slip Online Service and Queue Management

Online tickets

QMAGINE Slip Online: Mobility on Attendance

Provide your customers with a feature that will give them greater comfort in waiting. QMAGINE SLIP ONLINE not only allows you to consult the number of people waiting, but also allows you to send your ticket online. Eliminate clusters of people in the waiting areas, giving the customer the opportunity to leave the service area during the waiting period.

QMAGINE Slip Online: How does it work?

QMAGINE Slip Online Service and Queue Management


The customer must register on the QMAGINE SLIP ONLINE platform.

QMAGINE Slip Online Service and Queue Management

Take his online Ticket

The customer is presented with information on available services, the number of people waiting and the average service time.

QMAGINE Slip Online Service and Queue Management


In his turn, he will be called for attendance.

QMAGINE Slip Online Service and Queue Management

QMAGINE Slip Online Advantages

  • Dropout rate decrease
  • Decreased waiting time perception
  • Allows you to perform other tasks while waiting for your service
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of complaints
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