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Corporate TV | Digital Signage


Corporate TV and digital signage systems allows the creation and management of multimedia content (images, videos, news, web content, etc.) and making them available through one or more displays. These displays can be in the same place where software is installed or in remote locations.

The updating of the content in these displays can be performed remotely, thereby enabling the updating of content in dozens or even hundreds of displays that can be changed in a few seconds.


Digital signage | Corporate TV can be used in multiple locations and with different features, such as outdoor campaigns, information broadcast, and places with large amount of people

The main goal of Digital Signage | Corporate TV is the broadcast and presentation of information contents. This tool, used in an appealing way, has amazing results with the public because it is an extremely flashy.

The Qmagine Sign software allows you to create impactful communications solutions, dynamic, audiovisual and interactive, thought as the client's objectives.

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