Highlight your product and catch the public attention using Digital Signage

Why not change your waiting times to entertainment? With all the developed technology that we have been following, visual communication is one of the most user impactful form of communication.

The QMAGINE SIGN software allows to capture the attention of your target audience with engaging images, highlight a product on sale and the possibility of the customer to consult more detailed information about this product, etc...

This is a new way of communicating with clients or potential ones, and at the same time, develop creative and innovative experiences, replacing magazines, flyers and posters, making the communication more active and dynamic

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Digital Signage And Advertising Solutions



  • Centralized content management

  • Dynamic and interactive digital content publishing
  • Layout and design Customization

  • Simple to use and quick to update, in real time
  • Statistical data collection

  • Adapts to the context and audience


The QMAGINE SIGN, allows to create impactful communication solutions, dynamic, audio visual and interactive, tailored to the client's goals.

The alteration of the digital content can be done automatically, with one click on the device's back office, or even remotely with an application on the smartphone or tablet.

This reduces the general coast of constantly printing new banners and the daily work of changing them.

Digital Signage Solutions

Corporate TV and digital signage systems allows the creation and management of multimedia content (images, videos, news, web content, etc.) and making them available through one or more displays.

The multimedia displays allows you to communicate with your target audience inside your store, while simultaneously boosting sales by actively stimulating the interaction between the brand and consumers.


Purchasing decisions are made at point of sale


Increased average sales


Sales increase for a featured product


Increased foot traffic


What are the advantages of using Digital Signage ?

The digital signage can be used in diferent places, for example, commerce, restaurants, hotels, offices, entertainment locals (cinema, museums, festivals, etc), waiting rooms, and others.

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Complete customization

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Dynamic and interactive

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Centralized management

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Programmatic advertising

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Waiting time Improvement

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Statistical data collection

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Real time updates

Digital Signage Benefits QMAGINE

Return of investment

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