QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management

Queue Management


The company PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS presents the QMAGINE SMS, a service that can be integrated into queue management systems. The goal is to make your customers' experience even better, with a simpler solution.

Have you ever thought of providing your visitors with a more convenient and effective service while they wait?

The attendance has become a competitive advantage in all organizations. The goal is to show a service with quality and excellence!

In order to enjoy this service, the user only has to provide the mobile phone contact at the time of issuing the ticket, so that he can receive the queue approach information.

The QMAGINE SMS service by partteam & OEMKIOSKS allows users to receive alerts through sms with proximity attention for their attendance and thus not be surprised with the passage of their turn.


Know the QMAGINE SMS solution

How it works?

QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management

Service Selection

At the first moment, the customer
must choose which service he
wants to be served.

QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management

Phone Number Registration

After selecting the service, the customer must provide the mobile phone number for which he wants to receive the notification.

QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management

Notification via SMS

When approaching the time of service, the customer will receive an SMS with the indication to go to the place of care.

No one likes to wait, so we know that waiting lines are usually seen as moments of dissatisfaction.

A good service becomes increasingly important for organizations and QMAGINE by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS team continues to develop different technological solutions in order to meet the most urgent market needs.

QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management
QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management
QMAGINE SMS - Queue Management


For the Institution

Decreased dropout rate;

Decreased waiting time;

Reduced customer complaints;

Management and organization of care;

Modernization of space;

Creation of a differential point in relation to the competition.

For the Customer

The client can be physically absent from the place of care without risk of losing his turn;

Decreased perception of waiting time;

Allows the execution of other tasks while waiting for the attendance;

Increases customer satisfaction;

Influence on customer behavior.

Provide the option QMAGINE SMS and let your customer enjoy the moment of wait, in the way that is most convenient for him.

* All collected data by this software is encrypted and not shared with third party systems.

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