Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis


Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis

Taxi services are being modernized with the aid of innovative applications and solutions that facilitate the interaction between the passenger and the taxi driver.

There are many situations where a potential customer needs a taxi but is prevented from doing so.

These situations are very common for several reasons. In most cases, the customer does not have a contact list, has no battery in his cell phone, does not have access to the Internet or is a tourist in which all options are quite complex.

The multimedia kiosks are an excellent solution to request a taxi without major inconvenience to the customer.

Taxis - Advantages
Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS


Benefits Customers and Taxis

With this technological innovation, it is enough for a passenger to access a multimedia kiosk, add his name and automatically receive an alert at the kiosk that the taxi is heading to the place and how long he must wait for that arrival.

The system is directly connected to a central that will send the taxi that is closest to the place.

 Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Benefits

Main Advantages

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Speed


Fast and autonomous process, facilitator system.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Costumer Satisfaction

Costumer Satisfaction

Continuous innovation in technology improves consumer experiences with kiosks.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Central Management

Central Management

Centralized and content management and maintenance, with statistical data collection.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - New Experiences

New Experiences

This process improves the expirience of a costumer who needs a taxi.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Low Operational Costs

Reduces operational costs

The control of inputs and outputs of the control panel facilitates the processes.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Security


As the entire system is controlled, the service conveys more trust to the custumer.

Access Control

A customized and multi-application solution that controls and manages taxi entrances and exits.

Self-check kiosks bypass all obstacles, reducing the need for human vigilance and automatically speeding up this complex and time-consuming process.

This solution provides a simple autonomous service, improving the control access of the taxi central.

Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Access Control


Where can you find a Taxi Kiosk?

The strategic installation of multimedia kiosks in public places of great affluence, allows any user or tourist the request of a taxi in the place, simply, quickly and without any additional cost.

In this way, you can request a taxi without complications and without the need to know where you are, which facilitates the task for both the client and the professional himself.


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Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers

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Multimedia Kiosks for Taxis - Hospitals


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