Simplifying check-out at self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

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Simplified and instantaneous self-checkout, without complications

The purchase in store has everything to be effective with the use of self-service kiosks and the integration with Shopify, displaying the existing products in the ecommerce platform of a particular store. With PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks integrated with Shopify, it is possible to perform a series of actions.

Simplified and instantaneous self-checkout
The kiosk display can be customized according to the objectives and requirements of the store.
The menus and product categories are presented to the user and the user can login if desired.
The products and their prices can be seen on the display, with easy navigation.
Once you have selected the products you want to buy, you can choose a pickup method (at home or in the store).
The user can choose the desired payment method and, thus, check-out quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of integrating Shopify with self-service kiosks

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Reduced queuing

Reduced queuing

A wide variety of products

A wide variety of products

Reduced number of returns

Reduced number of returns

Intuitive and easy-to-use system

Intuitive and easy-to-use system

Possibility to pay in several ways

Possibility to pay in several ways

How does it work?

Order | Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

1. Order

First, at the kiosk, the user must select the category as well as the products he or she wants to buy and add them to the shopping cart.

Select the picking up method | Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

2. Select the picking up method

After all the desired products have been entered into the shopping cart, the user must indicate whether he or she wants to pick up the product in the store or receive it at home.

Select the payment method | Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

3. Select the payment method

Since you can pay in several ways, you should select the method that suits you best.

Make the payment | Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

4. Make the payment

The customer must pay for the purchases made.

Confirmation and order pickup | Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration

5. Confirmation and order pickup

After confirming the order, the customer can pick it up at the desired location.

The growth of e-commerce

With people increasingly turning to e-commerce, the shopping experience needs to change.

A kiosk integrated with Shopify allows customers to use the equipment as a kind of online catalog in the store itself. This way, anyone can integrate the technology into their daily operations, being able to easily browse product categories.

Convenience and quickness in all steps

Scanning and product identification

Scanning and product identification

Selection of the payment method

Selection of the payment method

Pickup of the product (Grab & Go)

Pickup of the product (Grab & Go)

A simplified purchasing process

Kiosks with Shopify integration use payment terminals that allow customers not to have to manually enter payment information. In other words, payments are not only face-to-face, they are instantaneous and can even be contactless.

Besides, the kiosk can serve as a price checkpoint. Simply scan a product at the kiosk and see the price displayed, as well as the quantity of products available.


of sales increased significantly through self-service kiosks


of customers feel an improvement in their shopping experience at self-service kiosks


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Reduction of queue lines

Designed to ease the customer’s shopping journey, Shopify’s integration with self-checkout kiosks allows an acceleration of the check-out process. In addition, queues are reduced.

Considering that we live in the age of information and communication technology, with more demanding and aware citizens who want more quality, speed and efficiency in services, the reduction of queues can be a competitive differentiator for stores.

Simple check-out and no additional settings

Kiosks with Shopify integration are also advantageous when it comes to the check-out process, as they aim to further simplify the users’ purchase journey.

So, all shipping rates, taxes, fees and discounts work exactly the same, without any additional setup that might worry the customer.

Self-service kiosks with Shopify integration | PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

A complete experience!

Self-service technology can limit physical contact between employees and customers, so multimedia kiosks and their integration with Shopify are intended to contribute to an improved user experience. At the same time, more safety and hygiene is guaranteed.

Case Study: Overcube

Case study Overcube
Case study Overcube
Case study Overcube

The Overcube store, in Lisbon, used the services of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS for the implementation of a creative project of digital signage and self-checkout payments, integrated with the shopping environment in the physical store with connection to the online store.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has produced and developed a system of self-service kiosks, self-checkout and videowall for digital signage. Moreover, and thinking of quality, quickness and efficiency, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed all the frontoffice software for the self-checkout kiosk and fully integrated with Shopify. Since the products and categories displayed in the kiosks are the same as in the online store – with stock information from the physical store – the check-out is processed with order registration in Shopify.

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