Tourism & Hospitality

These are clearly identified with high potential sectors to have a multimedia kiosks, digital advertising panels and interactive systems!

The Tourism and Hospitality sectors have naturally a very strong need of communication and are therefore possible clients for digital interactive advertising communication through the installation of interactive kiosks and digital media advertising panels.

The Internet has indeed revolutionized the way these entities to communicate with their customers, and later the multimedia kiosks and digital advertising panels were a natural evolution of this communication platform.

In the Hotels Area a multimedia kiosks already play a fundamental role, such in research situations and reservations of hotels, check in, checking the tourist routes, etc.

One of the most frequent use of the multimedia Kiosks in hotels is as Internet access point for guests.

In tourism area, the advertising and marketing agencies use these technology platforms to highlight their customers from the remaining rivalry. A tour operator will clearly be better known if uses this interactive platform (via kiosks and Mupis)

The multimedia kiosks are thus an increasingly essential tool in these area working as:

• Promotion of products of the tourism sectorcompanies

• Information about city maps, addresses, public transport and useful phone numbers

• Newspapper Printing

• Research of travels, itineraries, and schedules

• Interactive Esperiences for tourists

• Photographic kiosks for printing experiences

• Buy tickets (purchase tickets for shows)

• Interactive Multimedia Ads

• Hotspot wireless for Hotels (lobby, bar and restaurant)

• Check-in in hotels

• Acquire digital cards for video and photo cameras

• Internet Access, Voip, telephone

• Informations about hotels, services and spas

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