The WattDream born of the need to provide users of electric transportation a simplified way to charge their cars.

The WATTPLACE charging stations are safe, reliable, and easy to use in public or commercial sites, for charging electric vehicles.

The WATTDREAM software allows through a few simple steps, you start charging, and a process similar to traditional methods of supply, but much more interactive. The display can be configured to display a variety of graphics, including logos, ads or safety information.

Existing systems provide in part these features, but with this project aims to further simplify and modernize this process, hence the possibility that users can load their vehicles without the use of cards.

This feature coupled with the fact that the cards shipments can be made at the terminal itself (using cash or credit card) allow a client whenever you want to use this service will not have to move to any other side to charge your card or even to ask for a new one.

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