6 Advantages of using a digital billboard that you didn’t know

If you are an entrepreneur and need to know new forms of communication that will give you advantages for your business, this article is for you. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has selected six advantages that the use of a digital billboard can present to brands and companies.

Digital signage is a powerful branding tool. This form of communication allows the brands and companies to make their information and content available in specific places, and more than that, it also allows to offer new interactive experiences to the customer.

The term “digital signage” is a system that allows the management and distribution of digital content (such as images, audio, videos, news, etc.) in a network of large or small by televisions, digital billboards, multimedia kiosks, interactive tables, among others.

Innovating and gaining public attention has become a priority. The emergence of digital billboards has made communication more interactive and dynamic. The brands have recognized its importance and since then, it has been one of the most used means in the transmission of information, both for outdoor spaces: cities, gardens, etc. As for indoor spaces: malls, airports, etc.

But, what are the advantages that a digital billboard can provide ?

1 – Customer Experience

The customer experience concept has been constantly evolving. Companies and brands increasingly rely on the digital approach to provide new experiences to customers. Providing information dynamically makes this process a captivating experience. Digital billboards are interactive and deliver unique visual and touch experiences.

The experience has become crucial to the success of any company. And it isn’t always easy to provide enjoyable experiences because, remember, the main element of the customer experience is the emotion. And sometimes it is difficult to control these emotions.


Image Case Study  – Digital Billboard NOMYU Simulate the application Kisom from Unitel

However, digital billboards have enjoyed high levels of good and pleasant customer experience, providing great moments of interaction and experience. Customers satisfied with offered experiences are more likely to recommend companies and products. In addition, if the experience goes beyond what is expected, customer loyalty is likely to exist.

2 – Competitive Advantage

Another powerful benefit is the competitive advantage that the use of digital signage, through digital billboards, can generate. A good experience, provides a point of differentiation compared to other brands and companies. Creativity is the key word ! Digital billboards allow creativity to be used intelligently and unlike traditional ones. This makes any company stand out in the market in which it acts.

Opting for digital signage means not only creating new interactive experiences, but also engaging your audience in a more flexible and cost-effective way to communicate.

3 – Increasing Visibility and Notoriety

In an increasingly technological world and with an increasing number of new brands and products being born, the attention of consumers must be drawn. Brands and companies need to adapt to a new, more demanding and digital customer.

The reputation of a trade mark concerns the consumer’s ability to recognize and mention a range of trade marks at their disposal. If at the time of purchase decision making, the brand is physically present, recognition is important !

vantagens mupi digital

Image Case Study – Project for Ben Gurion Airport Customs

Digital billboards because of the strong interactivity they provide and because they are different and technological structures, increase the visibility of brands and create awareness among consumers through the customer experience mentioned earlier in this article.

Typically, digital billboards are located in public or private environments to display content, but can also be part of interactive advertisements and campaigns. Companies recognize that notoriety is a source of value to the brand. The more recognition there is, the more notoriety and visibility increase.

4 – Branding and Program Advertising

Digital billboards are undoubtedly an essential tool when it comes to brand awareness and brand building. By enabling brands to make relevant information available in one place, interactively. These are a powerful and effective means of audiovisual communication.

Already explained in a previous article, programmatic advertising is a digital trend, which allows for a precise reach of a campaign or advertising.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers software that can be integrated into digital billboards based on innovative image analysis techniques that uses a standard webcam and video analysis systems that perform a facial analysis of the people who watch the contents that go through the digital displays – the RealCatcher.

This analysis has several advantages for companies and brands, such as to offer greater efficiency in the expenses, being possible to segment the public.

vantagens mupi digital

Image – Digital Billboard NOMYU landscape version

5 – Return on Investment

From start-up to traditional distributors and display providers, everyone is looking for the next innovation they can invest in, to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Without an easy and quick way of calculating ROI (Return on Investment), we can say that digital multi-factories are devices that can meet expectations and make a big impact on customers.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a worldwide reference in the development and manufacture of multimedia kiosks, digital billboards, self-service equipment, interactive tables and other digital solutions for all types of sectors and industries.

With more than 17 years of experience, it already has a very high know-how on the market and recognizes the investment that is made in interactive digital kiosks.

Recently, the company has realized a project for the NOS ALIVE, music festival that happens every year in Portugal. Personalized and interactive, this is how PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital billboards has welcomed visitors to NOS ALIVE. Prepared to provide a pleasant experience and with different functionalities like:

  • Taking selfies – Interactive photo, a time when the audience can have fun and keep a unique souvenir of the event;
  • View the program of the event;
  • Consult the site map – Wayfinding;
  • Provide the public transport timetable available for the event;
  • Among other features.

The results could not be more surprising, more than 50,000 interactions with digital billboards, more than 6000 selfies and 10,000 people who used wayfinding service to locate themselves in the space of the event.

vantagens mupi digital

Image Case Study – NOS ALIVE 2017: Music with the Portuguese DOOH technology of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

In short, this is just a practical example, but due to our experience we can certainly conclude that there is a return on investment.

6 – Interactivity

More than digital, the interactive billboard consists of a set of software and applications that allow intelligent navigation. That is, it is possible through these technological equipment:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot super fast through smartphone / tablet (Hot SMS and Geo SMS);
  • Advertising and promotions;
  • Video conferences and take selfies (integrated camera);
  • Connection via VOIP;
  • Internet browsing;
  • Query services and maps – Wayfinding;
  • Help Point;
  • Mobile phones charging.

With the ease of connection (internet, GSM, etc.) the digital billboards can be easily managed remotely.

The display of what is happening in real time on social networks is now a tool also used in digital billboards. The truth is, this provides interactivity. Mainly, in fairs and events, the visitors accompany live through digital billboards, the tweets and posts of the remaining social networks, through the hashtag of the event.

Companies leverage and increase the intended reach in this way. Citizens adaptation to this type of system is fast and has excellent feedback.

vantagens mupi digital

Image  – Events & Exhibitions

The users through the digital billboards have at their disposal information points equipped with the applications of technology of last generation.

It should also be noted that a billboard is a monolithic block in lacquered steel, stainless steel or aluminum structure with 3mm thick, with electrostatic painting and anti-graffiti treatment.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a producer and supplier of digital kiosks and interactive kiosks and operates in various sectors. We know that the success of a company is linked to its strategic plan, which brings citizens closer to digital technologies, promoting the sharing of positive experiences.


  • Yes it is some of the basic advantages of digital billboards, yet these billboards now have grown so much that from attracting customers to driving sales they can do it all.