Design Thinking: How to positively impact your customers’ experience in the queue lines

What if you could make the boring queues that all your customers complain about, the best service experience they’ve ever had through design? This is what we will cover in this article.

People are increasingly tired of waiting: waiting to pay a bill, waiting to park the car, waiting to be answered and the list goes on. The drama of waiting exists and is becoming more and more real. However, when something goes well, people are also less likely to talk about it. Do you agree?

We have been present in the queue management systems market for over twenty years and through our experience and continuous feedback with our customers, we know that it is possible to positively impact and increase the results of satisfaction and experience in services.

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The idea is simple: provide a positive impact on service, so that the user creates an emotional relationship with the service, feeling good and satisfied.

Why Design Thinking is important for the experience?

If you don’t know the concept of the Design Thinking, the main objective is to find creative and innovative solutions that can satisfy customers’ needs and, for that, it is very important to actively listen to what they have to say.

Have you ever heard what your customers have to say? What do they think of your service? How can it improve?

At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we take these issues and the approach that technology can provide with customers very seriously. That is why, in all our projects, we actively follow what is happening and help to find the most effective solution for you and your customers.

Thus, more motivation will be applied and consequently better results will be obtained, since everyone feels part of the project’s success.

As you know, services are intangible products that have a significant impact on people’s daily lives. As a result, the customer is increasingly demanding, autonomous and dispersed in a variety of options to choose from. Therefore, the client demands from organizations more visual, creative and friendly solutions, that is, the search for more meaningful experiences.

For example: When we go to a cafe and identify that there is free wifi, we simply want to connect and that’s it. It is “boring” having to go through other processes like asking the employee for the password, not typing correctly, asking again. It’s frustrating and sometimes we even give up. It is not?

However, there are other establishments that understand this need and facilitate the process, making the password visible in all corners. We don’t need to ask anyone and the experience is more enjoyable. What is our trend? Return to this cafe and not the other.

For the service to be successful it needs to be perfectly harmonized with the needs of its customers. In this sense, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS uses appropriate technological tools to analyze and understand the market, its opportunities, expectations, as well as providing users with all the information they need. For example, the time they are waiting, the latest news, etc.

The QMAGINE division BY PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS  analyzes user behavior and develops a tailored system. With a wide range of technological solutions that respond to all types of needs of institutions and services: from queue management systems, corporate tv, digital signage, menu boards, video walls, among other services.

These systems guarantee an increase in the satisfaction of your service, a reduction in the perception of waiting time, optimization of the productivity of your employees, the continuous modernization of space, the collection of statistical data and an increase in the quality of the surrounding environment.

Remember: the experience is a unique event for each individual. Therefore, it is very important to study all stages of your customer’s experience and observe when there can be a positive impact during this process.

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