What is there in common between the Portuguese Discoveries and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation movement we witnessed in Portugal?

The Portuguese Discoveries represent a golden period of Portuguese culture in world history, which was described by writers like Luís de Camões, José Saramago and Fernando Pessoa as a remarkable period of conquest and discovery.

The Portuguese Essence

The perspective of innovation management at this time leads us to understand traces of the essence of the Portuguese people. It took a nation to focus on continuous improvement, to have a mission, a long-term vision, to be organized, systematic and exploitative.

Allied to this essence and second historical facts, the innovation of the discoveries was the starting point, for the conquest and exploration of the World. Wise in managing, reusing and transforming existing knowledge in navigation and shipbuilding techniques, the Portuguese nation pioneered the process of globalization.

The Portuguese took the habit of drinking tea to the English, spread the Portuguese language on four continents, assimilated new expressions and concepts, built forts and churches in several places.

With a well-defined strategy and objective, Portugal managed to navigate and discover “lands from overseas.”

Proud and Ready Nation for Business

The times are now different and the technologies are too. However, the essence continues and Portugal is in the midst of something remarkable. It’s time to invest in Portugal !

Gradually, we began to see growth and new generations create their own startups, micro-enterprises built on a brilliant and technological idea.

The future of European economies, as well as the Portuguese economy, depends crucially on their ability to put culture, creativity and knowledge at the center of economic activity.

Innovation in Portugal

For Portugal, the future is already today. The Portuguese have been developing products and solutions for international markets.

For example, did you know that it was the Portuguese who invented prepaid cards in mobile communications? That the Via Verde, used on national motorways was created by Portuguese technicians? Or that, in the USA, France, Germany, among other countries there are multimedia kiosks and digital billboards produced and developed in Portugal by the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS?

According to Monocle magazine, which has a special 64-page notebook on Portugal, “tradition is the secret ingredient in the success that Portugal is experiencing.” The Portuguese essence, the past that meets the present. Something that is already present in Portuguese DNA.

NOMYU – Interactive Solutions for the World

Just as the Portuguese discoverers / navigators explored the world, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS felt the need to do the same.

The quality, the commitment, the professionalism, the requirement, the efficiency. These are some of the adjectives that describe the essence of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, which is proud to continue the manufacture in Portugal of self-service kiosks and digital billboards, for indoor and outdoor.

In 2013/ 2014 he developed a PREMIUM product, NOMYU, an interactive digital billboard, which was then recognized with several international awards, having recently won the most innovative digital billboard prize of 2017 in the tourism sector.

With more than 15,000 projects developed and a vast portfolio of different customized models, the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, through its products and solutions, is present in different markets and countries.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a benchmark for success, both nationally and internationally. This experience is only possible due to the highly qualified Portuguese team, partners and distributors who work with us worldwide to meet the demands and demands of the market and technologically demanding projects.